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What is 'The Marketing Concept' and how has it developed over time? The marketing concept is a philosophy. The philosophy is that company's need to find out the needs and wants of their customers

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What is 'The Marketing Concept' and how has it developed over time? The marketing concept is a philosophy. The philosophy is that company's need to find out the needs and wants of their customers before they make any decisions on what they are going to produce. Also to make sure that the satisfaction of a customer is met at all times. What they produce needs to satisfy the customers needs and wants better than their competitions. One of the ways to do this is to carry out research and ask the actual customer exactly what their wants and needs are. Nowadays most companies have adopted the marketing concept, but this hasn't always been the way. Marketing has developed and changed so much over the years, back in 1776, Adam Smith wrote that the needs of producers should be considered only with the regard to meeting the needs of consumers*. This philosophy is consistent with the marketing concept but it was not adopted widely until about 200 years later. The philosophy in the early 1920's, the time of the Industrial Revolution, was called the 'production concept'. This worked by companies only producing products that they could produce most efficiently. ...read more.


The marketing department has to find out what it is the customer wants and needs before it can even think about marketing a product. Therefore the marketing concept is basically a management's attitude in reflection to customers and their wants and needs. This must be applied to the whole company everything you do must be customer orientated and only produce products that the customer actually requires. One company that follows this concept today is, McDonalds. McDonalds is a worldwide company that has over 26,500 restaurants in over 119 countries serving about 39 million customers every day. McDonalds is one the largest food chains in the world. When McDonalds first open in the UK their customers would travel miles to visit them. Through listening to their customers they found out that they wanted to be able to visit a McDonalds restaurant wherever they were and at any time during the day. They now have restaurants in most towns and cities they can also be found in places like supermarkets, bowling alleys, service stations and cross channel ferries, amongst other places. They are now open from 6.30am to10pm every day with a very varied menu. They do a breakfast menu for those customers who are looking for a quick high quality, value for money convenience food in the mornings. ...read more.


This is great for those customers that either hate going shopping or don't have the time to do it. Tesco also do great offers for schools as well with their computers for schools and sports for schools vouchers. So they are helping and considering the future of the customers children as well. In store they have offers on hundreds of their products everyday for example Buy One Get One Free, earn extra Club Card points on certain products and Two For The Price Of Three. Their advertising campaign is very strong with memorable. They have numerous television adverts, radio adverts, adverts in newspapers and magazines, also on billboards, carrier bags and their trucks. Tesco also do great offers in store and are constantly doing price checks against other supermarkets to maintain the low price that Tesco are known for. Basically Tesco is constantly looking after their customers and supplying them with what they want and need and give them something back in return and all at great value for money, which all customers love. These two examples of company's that have adopted the marketing concept have both done it very successfully. They both take into consideration the wants and needs of their customers and have done everything they can to provide their customers with them. They are both top in their markets beating away their competition successfully. Reference * www.netmba. ...read more.

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