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What would be the most effective way to market an on-line shopping service for Tecsave? Background info: Tecsave

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What would be the most effective way to market an on-line shopping service for Tecsave? Background info: Tecsave Tecsave is now a supermarket store but when Tecsave was first established Tecsave was a grocery store situated somewhere in the Midlands. A sole trader named Robbie Peers in 1947 founded Tecsave. Within a decade Tecsave expanded internally by becoming a PLC (Private Limited Company) and by situating 56 branches somewhere in the Midlands. At the present time Tecsave have continued to expand by placing 187 branches situated in various parts of the U.K (131 branches situated outside the Midlands). Tecsave's niche market is the supermarket industry. A sole trader is some one who runs/owns there own business. The advantages are easy to set up (few legal requirements, keeps all profits (from capital) decides what to do keep some as retained profit invest etc, complete control over business, choose holidays how long working for, close contact to regular customers can see demands are met to. The disadvantages are more responsibilities has unlimited liability if company goes in debt debtors can force Robbie Peers to sell possessions. These where the advantages and disadvantages implicated before Tecsave became a Private Limited Company. ...read more.


Waitrose now this because they researched and found out that they are attracting more customers then Tesco's (Market leaders) this is due to Waitrose having a free delivery service. Background info: Marketing department The function of the marketing department is to find out what the customers want to make new products or how to improve on existing products. The company will do this through primary or secondary data. The company could research primary data by doing a series of different techniques such as questionnaires, surveys, cold calling, and tests etc. The company could research secondary data by receiving data of other companies' etc. The marketing department also decide about the four P's which are Price, Place, Promotion and the product. Price = How much the product will be sold for. Place = Where the product shall be sold. Promotion = How the product shall be advertised. Product = A product is the merchandise which is going to be sold on to make a profit. This is the most important out of the four P's because without this you can not have any of the other P's other there will be no product to advertise etc. Why companies want to grow Companies may want to grow to increase revenue, attract bigger names (brands NIKE etc), increase amount of branches, employ more people, increase or upgrade machinery, Introduction to report The report is looking at Tecsave. ...read more.


Japan, thanks to its wireless access options and wireless broadband initiatives, is sure to add millions of new users to its 32 million existing users, the study found. The Angus Reid study also confirmed a strong link between initial trial and on-going Internet usage. "This is no passing fad," Reid said. "Once you're hooked, adoption rates go through the roof. But now that the Web has achieved critical mass, the key to future growth involves breaking down barriers to access." Cost is the biggest barrier to Internet penetration, but it is the cost of a PC, not the access itself, that is keeping people offline. Home Internet access trails almost every other household consumer electronic device in terms of ownership and usage. Almost all (97 percent) of the respondents have a TV, 48 percent have a cellular phone, 42 percent have home computers, and 20 percent have home Internet access. According to Reid, making home Internet access cheaper and easier through TV-top boxes and video game consoles will be the answer, along with wireless Net access. "There is a tendency to assume the 'North American' model of Web access from a home PC is the only the Web will continue to develop," Reid said. "The 'Euro-Asian' model of wireless Web access on cellphones and palmtops, and public access to the Web in cafes and kiosks must play a greater role." ...read more.

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