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Where does the time go? analysis and comment

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Where does the time go? analysis and comment The largest percentage of my time went into sleeping which isn't a surprise, however the pie chart (below) made it obvious that further time management was needed to achieve my maximum potential. Such improvements would be to the undesirable categories: Structured and Un-structured leisure, a decrease by half the amount of hours used by these categories would assist my private studies and improve my overall academic performance. This should lead to a third of my time into travelling, eating, class contact, structured and un-structured leisure. And another third into private study and finally the last third into sleeping. Trying this new arrangement of time keeping provided to be a positive outcome in my day to day activities as it provided a strong backbone to my time management. ...read more.


from a Sixth From teaching style. Managing my time was difficult at those weeks as it meant planning how to use the space provided in the diary, the style (font style) and presentation to allocate appropriate times for modules, meetings, and appointments, all of these must be effective and realistic to suite my life style. In addition, those weeks seems as an unpleasant challenge rather a positive experience to be a university student. I had little time to spend visiting and using the university facilities, which proved to aid my education in the following weeks (wk 5-9). At the same time I tried compressing my available time for coursework research, preparation (making notes) before a particular lecture or assignments (e.g. ...read more.


Therefore adjusting the time evenly with all the modules and other activities seemed to be the best possible way to regain my concentration, improve my study skills and to keep ahead of my work. Gathering information on Cell Biology assay and preparing for it was spread over the weeks leading to the actual date in week 8. I managed to assemble information and time myself writing the essay in a period of 30mins. In week 9, I attempted a second MCQ test and achieved a better result than the first attempt which suggested my time management was effective but further improvements to my study skills as they seem to be my biggest weakness would be necessary before the third MCQ test to achieve a high score to make up for the lost ones. Overall, future approaches would be necessary to adjust with particular assignments, however after having a controllable time, university life is becoming interesting. ...read more.

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