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Where I could get advice on Jobs and Careers. Connexions is a governmental place where young people go to get information, advice, guidance and support service, on getting to where you want to be in life.

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P2 - Umar Ahmed Places you can visit Connexions is a governmental place where young people go to get information, advice, guidance and support service, on getting to where you want to be in life. They help young people to get involved in different training courses; it also provides support up to the age of 25 for young people who have learning difficulties or disabilities. Job Centre is a governmental funded employment agency that help unemployed people get back into work, Jobcentre is a good source of career related information because it provides advice and guidance with all career related information. It gives access to all the local jobs. It gives all the information about the particular job e.g. job description, qualifications needed etc. The website of jobcentre where all the information can be accessed is www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk. Job centre also sorts out benefits to people who haven't got jobs. ...read more.


Websites I have used Internet a lot for information on career. This is because Internet is really important for career-related information. It includes thousands of Job websites and it also includes many recruitment websites. This would provide a lot of information on jobs and the requirements of the job e.g. qualification. It would provide me with a wide range of information that would be easy to access. The websites that can be used are: www.monstor.co.uk www.jobs.ac www.totaljobs.com Career fairs is when a company like Barclays go to a hotel and setup a small stall in order for them to pick out people from the public so that they can get an opportunity to work for the company. This is a simultaneously chosen from the people who go to the hotels and pick out the people who they think have the skills to become an apprentice and work for the company. ...read more.


This is called on the job training. While working the employee is taught on how to do the job properly and with safely. It is like coaching a new employee on how to work in the working environment. Off the job training is when the employee has to go elsewhere away from the workplace and do the training relevant to the job. This is called off the job training. Teachers are a good source of career information. This is because they can give advice and guidance on higher education and careers. The teachers have got the experience of higher education and finding a job. The teacher's would be therefore a good source as they can give me honest advice. They are also reliable because it is obvious that they can be trusted to give you the right advice. University and college prospectus this shows useful information about the different course available at universities and colleges. It normally includes what qualifications are needed to get onto the course, what you can progress onto, the duration of the course. ...read more.

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