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Which Factors Affect the Motivation of Employees Working At Kings Estate Agency.

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Business Studies Which Factors Affect the Motivation of Employees Working At Kings Estate Agency Introduction The aim of this portfolio piece is to find out what motivates workers of the modern day. This will be done by analysing surveys given to Kings Estate Agency, using the Internet and some books to try and find out about different theories about motivation. Consideration will be given to factors such as affiliation, financial reward, praise and achievement. Hypothesis I expect the main trend is that people will be motivated by many needs or wants. Money will I sense play and important role but not the most important. In my opinion non-financial rewards and bonuses will be a very important factor. Everyone likes to know they are doing a good job so general compliments will play an important factor because everyone likes to believe they are appreciated in a work place so you can see you are doing a good job. The more highly motivated the harder work the employees may do and while the need for a variety in the workplace may be satisfied by an interesting job that is challenging. (Theory y, see Appendix D). I make the assumption that more senior staff will be less motivated by money and more so by the environment and bonuses. ...read more.


To maintain the motivation at Kings Estate Agency these two important factors must be considered and worked on, however the other factors must not be ignored as motivation varies from employee to employee. There is no single factor that affects the motivation of the employees at Kings Estate Agents. This is because all people are uniquely different in some way. Factors vary from employee to employee, from fringe benefits to wages, as with factors there is no single theory that completely sums up what motivates the employees at Kings Estate Agents. High wages are essential in the south-east because otherwise people wouldn't be able to afford the cost of living. This is a factor that could have affected my results. Some people wouldn't have as higher wages so their answers in the survey would be different to others in the south-east. There is a combination of factors from varying theories. However the key factors were rewards and recognition for good work, and varying types of work of a challenging requirement. To keep the staff motivated at Kings Estate Agency these two important factors must be considered and worked on, however the other factors must not be ignored as motivation varies from employee to employee. Skills and personality count as personal motivation. ...read more.


This was created by McGregor, and displays two types of managers: Theory x - This is the recognised this to be the old fashioned way of thinking. It dictates people are more motivated towards money. It gives the impression that people are interested in a descent driving wage/salary. In my opinion generally people dislike work and will avoid it if he/she can. Therefore most people must be forced with the threat of punishment to work towards being organised. Many people in my survey prefer to be directed; to avoid responsibility; is relatively un-ambitious, and wants security above all else. Theory y - People consider this to be the more modern day view. People are not just motivated by money but many other things as well. Effort in work is as natural as work and play. People will apply self-control and self-direction in the pursuit of being organised, the need for threats of punishment. People should be more aware of their own responsibilities so there is less need for supervision - which is also cost effective. Commitment to objectives is a function of rewards associated with their achievement. People usually accept and often seek responsibility. The capacity to use a high degree of imagination, ingenuity and creativity in solving organisational problems is widely, not narrowly, distributed in the population. In industry the intellectual potential of the average person is only partly utilised. ...read more.

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