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Why Accra in Ghana could be a good location for the production of Mars chocolate.

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I believe that the best place for you to carry out the production of your lovely mars bars is in my home city of Accra, Ghana and there are many reasons why I believe this. Raw Materials Firstly, out of your short listed locations, Accra and Ghana in general is the best place for raw materials needed to produce mars bars which are cocoa, almonds, caramel, and milk. All of these things are grown in huge amounts in Ghana. For example, Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa in the world, producing 730 thousand tons which accounts to more than 20% of the worlds total. ...read more.


Labour Labour in Ghana is very cheap and again is the cheapest area out of your shortlisted places for labour. The minimum wage in Ghana is about �1.40 an hour compared to the UK where it is about �6 and Poland where it is about �1.60 an hour. Labour is also very readily available in Accra so in terms of Labour, Ghana is the best place for Mars to locate its factories Land Land in Ghana, in simplest terms, is good and cheap which I think is the best combination. Out of all the places on your shortlist Ghana has the cheapest land as well very readily available land. ...read more.


In terms on location Ghana is one of the most central places on the globe. When you look at a map it hard to pinpoint a more central place on the planet. Overall based on the points I have made above I believe that Accra is the best place for you to locate the production of your Mars Bars. I hope you will agree with me when I say that Accra meets almost all of the requirements that you are looking for and as well as being the perfect place for you to locate the production of your mars bars, it is also a beautiful ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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