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Why do People Divorce: How financial issues became the number one cause of divorce

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Luis Cruz, Alex Gouttsoul, Germ�n L�pez Instructor: Shannon Castleton English 1010 13 August 2002 Why do People Divorce: How financial issues became the number one cause of divorce By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. -- Socrates Family is the foundation of each society. What happens with a building if it's foundation begging to disappear. The statistics speak by themselves, according to Department of Health and Human Services, during 2001 the number of divorces in the United States was around eleven million, 89 % of those came from financial issues, these number show the size of the current situation. Some people still believe that divorce itself is not a real problem but a result of modern life style, unfortunately this believe is wrong, as Azrin, Naster and Jones show in their study: Crime and delinquency is greater for children who are products of unhappy or broken homes. Alcoholism is more frequent among the separated. About one-half of first admissions to state mental hospitals result from marital stress as the single major precipitation condition [...], marital disharmony is a pervasive social problem. (365) Divorce is a social trouble that had been analyzed during several years by diverse number of scholars, due to the huge family and finally social implications. ...read more.


They want what everyone else has, and right now. Instead of earning the money and gradually acquiring possessions, credit cards come very handy in rush decisions. "There is little evidence pointing to financial difficulties as being a major factor in the breakup of marriages" mentions Liz Pulliam Weston in her article posted on Internet. Debt puts couples under stress and pressure, causing fights and bitterness witch make life harder, or may be they like to challenge themselves? Even challenge is good to the certain point. Families can not function properly if money dilemma creates an argument. Some of us are young and careless, living the life away with credit cards and loans, some financially illiterate. When creating a family we start our life over: building intrapersonal and interpersonal trust, creating a partnership, learn to make personal commitments. Somewhere down the road we loose or never develop these skills, and most often money is the trigger to show our weakness to create the argument over which we can not find stamina to save relations. Jeffrey Zalow aggresses with that in the article "Stock market and drop is sinking families" in Wall Street Journal. "That conversation is everywhere now - at family dinner tables, in marital therapists' offices, in divorce-mediation sessions, in visits with the in-law's". ...read more.


Some authors suggest a planner for planning the family budget (even Microsoft offers this program by Internet) Another important thing is about Credit Cards. It is very important to limit use of credit cards and understand necessity of paying off. Maybe the only debt that is reasonable is the purchase of the house, but even though this is justifiable, is important to know how much house can a couple afford? According to specialist, the average house cost must be 2.5 the worth of the couple's year income. Finally, is important to consider the insurance programs and evaluate the options, and the investment and saving instruments the couple has. This topic is not impossible to manage, it is a question of time and attitude. It is question of desire and going towards a planning program the couple determine by themselves according to their real needs and possibilities. All the information that different sources provide along this article demonstrates the current outcome of marital financial problems. The young couples faces a lot of changes when they start a new relationship and unfortunately the financial planning is not the first nor the second priority but, sometimes, is not consider at all. For some new families sorrow and disappointment resulted when the groom and the bride dreams collided with the reality. The dream becomes a nightmare that mainly hurt children and society. ...read more.

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