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Why is delegation necessary to the success of a business and why is it often difficult for managers to delegate effectively

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Luke Judge Business Studies Assignment Why is delegation necessary to the success of a business and why is it often difficult for managers to delegate effectively Delegation is the act of passing down responsibility and authority through an organization's structure. To delegate efficiently management must make sure that the persons being delegated to have the necessary training and enough authority to carry out the tasks given, whilst also making sure that the authority is limited, this means giving exact parameters for the task given. Managers should also provide motivation and direction for subordinates to help them to meet the goal or goals set. Effective delegating brings benefits not only to management and the company but also to employees. It allows managers to achieve better results than they could have alone. By delegating responsibility managers can focus on doing a few things well instead of a lot of things less effectively. Delegation allows staff to develop their skills and knowledge to their full potential and can increase productivity. Delegation is necessary within an organization for many reasons here are a few of those reasons. It helps to ease the workload of management without which management may end up doing many tasks within the company that could easily have been completed by a subordinate, tying up management for little or no reason. ...read more.


Some managers find it difficult giving subordinates authority due to the fact that even though the responsibility has been passed on to the subordinate, the manager is still ultimately responsible for completing the task delegated on time and accurately "The superior remains responsible for the work carried out under delegation" (An Integrated Approach to Business Studies 4th Edition Bruce R Jewell page 39.) Leading on from this could be a lack of trust in the employee's abilities to perform causing the manager to take on every aspect of any important tasks within the company especially if there is a lot of money involved, these can be put down to a fear of failure within the working environment due to the pressure on managers to meet targets and because they are being given shorter deadlines in which to complete the targets. This is why managers feel they can not let go of the tasks as they feel that if they give other people the responsibility of completing the task that they will not be as bothered about meeting deadlines and targets. A lot of the time this is due to the fact that many managers have not been trained how to priorities and separate the important tasks from the mundane. ...read more.


Stress in the work place can be cut with effective delegation, which can be the cause of employees being off work, saving the company money. Delegation also allows new ideas on how things within the company can be done which can save both time and money. To delegate effectively managers must remember to make sure the right training is given and that the correct amount of authority has been given and has been limited to the amount of authority needed for the task at hand. The subordinate must know what is expected of them before the task begins, targets need to be agreed on, and with the responsibility allocated to the employee they must be made aware that they are responsible for completing the task within the agreed targets. Managers must also remember that delegation is essential to a successful business, therefore they must learn to let go and give subordinates the chance to show their capabilities and not to be afraid of their abilities, even if they surpass the managers as this will reflect on the managers ability to achieve goals and targets through affective management rather than the managers ability to do everything themselves. Information for this coursework was obtained from Management Organizational Behavior 2nd edition by Laurie. J. Mullins and an Integrated Approach to Business Studies 4th edition by Bruce. R. Jewell ...read more.

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