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Within a business there are the different departments: marketing, finance, human resources, and administration. Each of the departments have there own aims.

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Within a business there are the different departments: marketing, finance, human resources, and administration. Each of the departments have there own aims. Within a business there are the different departments: marketing, finance, human resources, and administration. Each of the departments have there own aims. These aims can lead to a businesses success or failure depending on whether the aims/objectives are met. Some departments have the same aims as the others, for example finance and human resources may both have the aim to be a good employer. But this aim is achieved in a different way by each department Finance The main aim of the finance department is to make a profit in order for the business to survive. If the business is trying to survive the finance department must find a source of finance. This can be internal (within the business) or external (external sources out side the business). A source of finance that is internal includes the business profits and selling assets from the business (selling something the business owns, in Cadbury's case it could sell a business that they own e.g. sell Dr Pepper to Coca-Cola). External sources of finance are from a bank or building society. If the business requires a huge amount of money (e.g. Thousands) a loan or mortgage will be arranged with the bank. But if only a small amount of money is needed an overdraft can be arranged with the bank. Another external source can be the share the business receives from shareholders but only if the business is a PLC or Ltd. ...read more.


The human resources department is usually responsible for recruiting new staff and for training them to do their job When the vacancies arise, it draws up documents for specific purposes, organises and runs interviews. The dept has to follow certain procedures before a job can be filled. 1. Vacancy occurs - reasons for this maybe retirement, promotion or fired/quit 2. The job description is then drawn up by the human resources - the job description including job title, position in the organisation chart and a list of duties. 3. Person specification drawn up - the qualities of the person including qualifications, experience and personality. These factors are key to selecting the person for the job role. 4. The job is advertised - the dept need to consider: what details need to go on the advert and where should be the advert be placed? 5. Candidates apply for the job role - the advert will usually say what the candidate needs to send in as part of their application. This will probably include a application form and a C.V. 6. The candidates are then short listed and interviews are arranged 7. Appoint the best candidate to the job The recruitment process helps the dept meet some of there aims, like expand and competitive. Human Resources are reasonable for the training of staff, they do this to improved the skills of staff and make them more efficient (e.g. better quality or faster at there job) Training staff includes Induction training, On the job training, and Off the job training. ...read more.


Customer service - selling the product at a price that will be value for money and not over priced. Competitive - Market research can be done to see if the product will be worth while and make profit. If there competitors have a similar product it is the marketing dept to promote the product well. The customers must take an interest in Cadbury's product rather than Mars, this can be done by quality promotions. Examples of when departments work together. When the finance dept works with other departments Cadbury wants to designed a new product e.g. Wispa, they need finance to complete market research and marketing of the product. The finance will include cash for questionnaires, group discussions costs etc. The consumer target set for Wispa was decided as young men and women 16-24 years. The finance dept would work with the production dept to provide the money for prototypes.. When Wispa was decided to be released to the public other costs to be covered would include new machinery (Wispa needed its own unique machinery), mass production of packaging and the bar it self, land for factory, advertising and new employee costs (wages, salaries). There are a number of departments they will have to work with to complete the launch of the product. The finance dept would have to find a source of finance for all these costs because they would not be earning profits from the bar until consumers were buying the product. The finance dept would have to put enough money into the product if they want the product to have a big impact on consumers. This was so Cadbury had a profit return from the product. ...read more.

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