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Within the service sector, focusing on the hotel industry how can work related stress and attitudes affect performance and commitment?

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Within the service sector, focusing on the hotel industry how can work related stress and attitudes affect performance and commitment? INTRODUCTION The subject of stress is drawing the attention of scientists, managers and industrial workers all over the world today. In fact it has become one of the most important concerns to the social government, business and union leaders. The reason for this concern is due to increasing stress related absenteeism, work incapacity and also by rising associated costs. The following will review why stress levels are continuing to rise within the workplace, the effect this has on individuals and the organisation as a whole and what measures could be used to control or prevent these situations from arising. The main focus will be hospitality, however stress is a major issue affecting workers in all sectors, regardless of company size. Although stress is difficult to define and in order to examine the exact effects of stress it is necessary to hold a number of other aspects of jobs and tasks constant, for these purposes stress will be defined in the sense of distress, which people experience from too many pressures and strains or too few challenges and stimuli. There are various causes of stress, including lack of role definition, and related to this a lack of control over decision making, and the carrying out of such plans, these two main stressors in the workplace amongst others will be elaborated upon. ...read more.


Stock control can also affect the smooth and effective running of the restaurant, as if it si not controlled effectively enough and stock begins to 'disappear' or run short, this would add to grievances from customers once again, and additionally insinuate to members of staff that the organisation was not being run proficiently enough, again resulting in a lack of respect. Evidently then, managers in this line of work have high levels of responsibility, and there are clearly numerous factors, which contribute to the high stress levels amongst managerial staff in hospitality. The various effects of the above stressors are outlined below, according to the EAP jobs values survey and job stress survey, first off stress, as mentioned previously, can lead to a high degree of absenteeism, as employees are more likely to miss work as a coping mechanism and also in some cases due to health related problems. Lost productivity and replacement costs can make absenteeism a costly consequence. High stress levels can also lead to grievances from staff, which should demonstrate to the management definite organizational problems. An example out with hospitality directly, taken from the EAP jobs value survey and job stress survey, shows that a Safeway bakery managers specific department averaged 75 to 80 grievances from his staff members a year, and by openly addressing his managerial style and 'cultivating' a very different workplace environment, due to this the grievances dropped to just one in a five year period. ...read more.


These are only two of many models of stress, which have been studied, however both of these can be related to stress within the hospitality industry. Lastly there are types of interventions, which can be used in order to prevent or curtail job stress. These can be imposed on three levels; (i) The organisation: intervening in the structure of the organization and therefore changing the work situation (ii) The individual-organisation interface: increasing employee's resistance to specific job stressors, decreasing vulnerability (iii) The individual: developing various coping styles in general. (Cmiel,1999, p169) IMPLICATIONS It has been demonstrated that work related stress and attitudes can affect performance and commitment in a number of ways. Firstly through absenteeism, which relates to the (P-E) fit, as the individual is using hiding away from work as a coping mechanism due to not being a suitable candidate for the position in hand. Secondly through lack of definition of roles within hospitality leading to role ambiguity or role over load (Michigan Model), and this can have drastic effects in a restaurant environment, related to efficiency of productivity. In order to begin to reduce the high levels of stress in these types of workplace, individual members of staff have to be addressed on their views of what they think their role in the organization consists of . Within large scale hotels the hierarchal structure of management should be re examined, in order to examine levels of effectiveness, and 'in house' help should be available to members of staff who feel they are under a great deal of pressure. ...read more.

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