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Work-life balance policies also looks and applies a certain number of statutory entitlements that try to help employees achieve a balance between work and family life and any other aspirations that they may have.

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The terminology of work-life balance to many is used to describe the working environment and its working practices that aim to support the needs of employees by combining employment with family life. Whereas, the definition of work-life balance policy is used to define any type of benefit or working condition that helps to reduce job-family conflicts which can arise in many companies or organisations. Work-life balance policies also looks and applies a certain number of statutory entitlements that try to help employees achieve a balance between work and family life and any other aspirations that they may have. This definition can be seen as misleading in the way it is used to achieve and can also be seen as feminising, so that work life balance becomes women's issues rather than a global issue. There are three types of initiatives that companies or organisations might use to satisfy the requirements set out by law which are: * Parental policies, which look to respond to employees wanting, reduced hours of work so they can fulfil their parental responsibilities. * Carer responsibilities which enables employees to get support from their employers so they can balance work and their caring responsibilities. * Flexibility enables workers (employees) to achieve greater flexibility over their hours, job location and pay. These types of initiatives are seen as a basic requirement for any employer so they can reduce tensions that occur in the working environment. ...read more.


* Human Rights Act 2000 This act is seen to protect the employee's family and private life away from any kind of discrimination that could affect them directly or indirectly and therefore considers the concept of work-life balance. * Part-time Workers Regulations 2000 This act looks at all aspects of part-time working and ensures that all employees are treated fairly without facing any kind of discrimination. Also the most recent development to the work-life balance policy is in 2003 parents that have children that are under the age of 6 are given the right to request for flexible working time and therefore all organisation have an obligation to consider the request made by the employee so long as it does not affect the company or organisation. Providing work-life balance it has shown the employers and employees are a happier workforce and have a positive effect on the retention of staff and higher levels of motivation. Increase in performance levels have also been found, as employees are less tired, so therefore the work can be done more effectively Having arrangements in place it enables employees to balance their work and other commitments, its helps the following: > Both mothers and fathers to care for their children > Those with caring responsibilities for older or disabled people > Employees to undertake study or training > People to play an active role in their local communities Research from LRD found out that employees who have taken a specific leave; it allows skilled employees the opportunity to return early to work while balancing personal and domestic needs. ...read more.


Still today workers with caring responsibilities find it very difficult to adjust to their requirements although when interviewing they admit to being very positive in their attitude in the way they approach work-life balance policies. They have been able to attract employees including myself who has two children one under the age of 6 years old by portraying a positive work-life balance image in terms of employment and childcare needs. They do not accept that you have childcare needs that need to be met when required as they feel that in doing so it affects their day-to-day running of their business. Conclusion At the moment work life balance is becoming more real than it was before, as managers are becoming aware of employee's personal issues that need to be attended during the typically working hours of 9am to 5pm. With the aid of Internet and other sources of technology work life balance has become more real and strong, as people can earn a average wage, Although some businesses only work during peak working hours, so it restrict them to be part of work life balances schemes Today in the employment industry the way people work is rapidly changing, the UK workforce is becoming more flexible and is adapting to environment changes. Most organisation do have some form of work-life balance polices but these can only be implemented if attitudes are flexible. ...read more.

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