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Workforce management.

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ANNIE MACKENZIE HE ACCESS TO BUSINESS STUDIES & COMPUTING WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT NO.2B TASK ONE Having read the article entitled 'Dixon's delivers the goods with first partnership deal', it is apparent that the company has been subject to considerable change in relation to its partnership deal with the engineers' union, the AEEU. These changes can be reviewed as follows: Political During the 1980's, when the UK had a Conservative Government, attempts were made to curtail the activities of trade unions. The government's policy was to place businesses in a position where only the most efficient would survive. The government passed a number of 'anti-union' Act's with the aim of restricting the power of trade union's and liberating businesses from the pressure that trade unions carry. The most important of these Acts of Parliament were: * 1980 Employment Act * 1982 Employment Act * 1984 Trade Union Act * 1986 Public Order Act * 1988 Employment Act * 1989 Employment Act Each of these Acts progressively restricted the power of trade unions to obstruct the normal course of business. Since these Acts were passed, the successive Labour Government has passed a number of Acts that regulate the rights of employees in the workplace. ...read more.


Legal The legal implications of Dixons' new partnership deal with the AEEU are that the trade union will now be able to take action without it being illegal. Dixons and their employees will now also be able to use the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) to resolve any industrial relations disputes before they develop into confrontation. Either or both parities are able to contact ACAS although, they will want to see that union officials are involved and that the company's disputes procedure has been followed. ACAS will offer conciliation to each party and if this is unsuccessful, ACAS can offer arbitration, by providing an independent arbitrator who will examine the case put forward by each party and judge the right outcome of the dispute. If both sides agree in advance, the arbitrator's decision can be legally binding. As well as the above, ACAS can also provide free advice to employees and employers. Environmental As far as I can see, Dixons and their employees will not be subject to any environmental change issues as a result of the partnership deal with the AEEU. Conclusions I think it is fair to say that Dixons have chosen to form a deal with the AEEU because of a number of reasons. ...read more.


In the article entitled A macho culture meets its match, it talks of the male dominated IT industry and the work of Margaret savage a Human Resources director for British Telecom. In a company such as BT, where there is no relevant reason why a woman cannot carry out the same role as a male employee, it is vital that there is an equal opportunities policy. Margaret Savage has attempted to increase the number of females employed, by altering the working environment to include more part-time positions, remote and flexible working. By taking these positive steps to make the recruitment process more inclusive, Margaret Savage has managed to improve staff retention figures and re-educate senior management in relationship management which she says, has encouraged them to innovate and take pride in their work. I believe that BT has gained by having a more inclusive recruitment policy in the following ways: * More flexible working environment (more part-time positions, remote and flexible working) * Improved staff retention figures and bottom line * Improved employee motivation and morale due to there being a more equal working environment and better opportunities for women * Better working relationships through increased understanding of the different needs of female staff members * Decrease in the number of sexual discrimination claims from female employees. * Increased awareness of equal opportunities among existing staff members. ...read more.

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