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Working in The Legal Environment

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Working in the legal environment Task 1: a Hierarchical structure In this type of organisation, employers are ranked at various levels, with the one main employer at the top, and the number of people at each level increases as you go down the structure. This is usually illustrated as a pyramid shape. Each employee has command over a few employees, each of which also has command over a few employees, and so on. The advantages of this structure are that authority, responsibility and promotion paths are clearly distinct. Also, specialist managers are beneficial, and employees are loyal within their departments. Disadvantages include the fact that horizontal communication across various sections can be poor. Flat structure This only has one or two layers of management, and is usually found in small organisations. The span of control is wide, and the chain of command is short. ...read more.


The ladder of progression and promotion is clear, as is each layer function. This structure has disadvantages such as a restricted freedom and responsibility of the employers. Passing approval of decisions and communicating through the many different layers can be slow. Management costs are high as each manager is paid more than the workers in a lower level. Functional structure Division of work is the important feature, as specialist staff is assigned to a particular organisational function. Additional layers of responsibility are added and the structure changes as the organisation grows. An advantage of this is that each department can focus on its own work, and someone is responsible for each section. Different roles are clear to everyone, and there is an obvious promotion path. Disadvantages are that communication may not pass not to different departments easily, and conflict is possible. There is a gap between top and bottom, and departments may be resistant to change. ...read more.


The levels of authority are clearly defined, as well as the formal rules and regulations. Advantages of this are that all employees are treated equally, and there is an achieved uniformity of decisions. Labour is clearly divided, and various positions are allocated official duties and tasks. The disadvantages are that frustration can arise with the fact that much emphasis is put on rules, as well as from suppressed initiative and lack of flexibility. Bureaucratic behaviour can also occur, as well as lack of response to individual problems. Task 1: b The span of control is the number of subordinates that a supervisor has. For example, the Probate and Family Partner, the Criminal and Civil Litigation Partner, and the Corporate and Conveyancing Partner all have 8 subordinates each. The chain of command is the order in which authority and power is delegated from the top of the organisation to the bottom. For example, the Probate and Family Partner has authority over the Probate Solicitors and the Family Solicitors. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adetokunbo Adebanjo 1 ...read more.

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