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Working practices

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BTEC First Diploma in Business Unit 5 People in Organisation Introduction: In this assignment I will describe how working practices are developed, I will also produce a career development plan using performance reviews and then I will compare and contrast the organizational structures and job roles within two business organization. In this assignment I will also explain the importance of team working and personal attributes within two business organizations and evaluate how personal attributes and team working contributes to working practices. Task 1 All business organizations have a reason or purpose for their existence that's is why every business organizations have to set aims and objectives. Aims are long term goals. Objectives are short term goals and they are more specific than aims; in order to achieve aims you must have objectives in other word objectives are target which are set to help to achieve overall aims. Objectives have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related (SMART). In order to achieve the business aims it have to be combined talents and efforts of all the staff and it is only possible if the organization has developed appropriate working practices. This includes and organizational structure. Flat structured organization: In contrast to a tall organisation, a flat organisation will have relatively few layers or just one layer of management. This means that the chain of command from top to bottom is short and the span of control is wide. ...read more.


messages can be clearly understood, emails are not full of spelling or grammatical errors and all communications sent externally give a good impression of the organization * Following instructions: if no one ask you to do something that is not legal then you have to do it because it is written in your contract that you have to follow instructions. * Punctuality and time planning: That means that you must turn up at a agreed time and not to be late and you should also know how to plan and manage your time. * Courtesy to other people, both your colleagues and external contacts is vital. This is often a stated condition of a code of conduct. * Honesty means you should be honest to you colleagues and manager and also to customers. * Observing confidentiality is an implied term of you contract and is often included as an express term as well as being part of a code of conduct Task 2b Now I will explain the different and the similarities in the organizational structures within Tesco and s school. Tesco has a flat hierarchical structure with just six levels between checkout staff and chief executive. (Reference: Tesco homepage) The organizational structure for Tesco is referred to as a devolved or decentralized structure, in other words it is relatively flat, which means that the power is devolved down and staff at the lower end of the scale of power can make decisions about what happens within the store. ...read more.


This is important for the employee so that he will not get any bad feedback from the customers because if the customers are complaining too much about him he could be fired, and it is important for the business because if a customer want something special and the business don it, it will make the business look good. For example if you are working at Barclays bank and the customer wants to open a special account and you did not follow the instructions the customer will not be satisfied. Following instructions is in every kind of business very important. Task 4 In this task, I should identify the consequences of an employee not bothering about a personal development plan. If an employee not bother about his personal development then: * The employer will not be able to help employee to plan his or her career * The employer will not be able to assess future potential or suitability for promotion * The employer will not be able to identify training and development requirements for that employee * The employer will not be able to assist the employee to create a personal development plan for the next period and set key targets for achievement. ?? ?? ?? ?? This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ Omobolanle Salami 29/05/2009 Assignment No. 03 This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ 1 This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ ...read more.

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