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Write a report explaining which principles/objectives seem to be most important and what happens to the product/companies if they are ignored. Explain why market orientation is so important.

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Write a report explaining which principles/objectives seem to be most important and what happens to the product/companies if they are ignored. Explain why market orientation is so important. There are many priorities within an organisation, but if it is truly marketing orientated, many of the following principles will be high on its agenda: * Customer Satisfaction * Customer Perception * Customer needs and expectation * Generating income or profit * Satisfactory Growth * Coordinating marketing activities * Awareness of change * Awareness of legal constraints * Analysis of the competition All of these are important if a business wants to succeed. Some of these principles are more important than others. I think that the most important ones are customer satisfaction, customer perception and analysis of the competition. The reason I think that these three are most important are because if the business didn't take into account customer satisfaction and perception than it would mean that they start to loose their customers. The company can make sure that the customers are satisfied by doing market research to see what the customers want. ...read more.


As I have already said it is important that the company take their competition into account because they will loose customers if they don't. It is important that a company provides quality goods and services, because again if the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the goods and service they are getting than the company will loose their customers. Market Orientation is the organisation-wide generation of market intelligence, or information on customers' current and future needs, dissemination of that information across departments, and organisation- wide responsiveness to it. Market orientation was originally defined as an organisation-level culture, a set of shared values and about putting the customer first in business planning. This is the main reason why market orientation is so important because it is all about putting the customers first, this is important because if a company didn't have any customers than there would be no point of the company. They wouldn't have any customers to sell their products to. Market orientation also involves an outward-looking perspective from a firm- that is, a focus not only on customers but also on competitors. ...read more.


Therefore, any individual in any function in a seller firm can potentially contribute to the creation of value for buyers. A seller must draw on and integrated effectively, as well as adapt necessary, its entire human and other capital resources in its continuous effort to create superior value for buyers. Creating superior value for customers is the proper focus of the entire business and not merely that of a single department in it. These are the consequences that market orientation can have on different people and organisations: * Employees: The greater the market orientation, the grater the organisational commitment of employees. Many executives noted that a market orientation provides a number of psychological and social benefits to employees. In addition, market orientation leads to a sense of pride in belonging to a organisation in which all departments and individuals work toward the common goal of serving customers. These matters result in employees sharing a feeling of worthwhile contribution and stronger feelings of job satisfaction and commitment to the organisation. * Environment: Market Orientation can generate competitive intensity or sustainable competitive advantage, market turbulence, and technological turbulence, which help the business produce products and services that provide value for customers. ...read more.

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