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You are a sport scientist investigating how two sports organisations manage their health, safety and security. You must include an example of promotional material

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You are a sport scientist investigating how two sports organisations manage their health, safety and security. You must include an example of promotional material, which is related to a specific health and safety hazard, as well as discuss the types of guidelines relevant to customers and employees. The different methods of distribution and evaluation of information on guidelines relating to health, safety and security must also be discussed. INTRODUCTION Most and probably all leisure centers recognize the benefits of participation in sporting activities but have to balance this recognition with its "duty of care" to the participants, leisure centers do not wish to unduly restrict activities, but they must ensure they are carried out in as safe a manner as possible. Safe sport requires a partnership between the Leisure centers, Clubs and individuals, each recognizing and accepting their responsibilities. For my assignment I have decided to look at two leisure centers that provide facilities for public use. I am looking at the fitness center in Exeter College and Dyrons leisure center based in Newton Abbot. I thought it was important to compare to companies that the public use, as the health, safety and security will be different rather than a personnel center. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Leisure Centre Security Labelled 'risky ARTICLE FROM EARLING TIMES Security at Spelthorne Leisure Centre is under scrutiny after being labeled 'risky' by a long-term user whose children had their purses stolen from a locker. When Mike Burt collected his two daughters and their friend he discovered the trio's purses had been stolen while they were showering. Mr. Burt's daughters, Debbie, 10, and Stacey, 12, had left the key on the floor next to them and found it had gone after they had dried themselves. They later found it in the locker door and discovered that their purses had been taken from their bags. In a letter to Dan Reynolds, leisure client officer at the Borough of Spelthorne Community Services Directorate, Mr. ...read more.


every time they break a rule seriously they should receive a black cross if they get three black crosses then they should banned from using the gym until further notice. I think the gym staff should devise questionnaires and hand them out to customers, which give them the chance to comment on improvements for the gym and the gym rules. This means the gym staff gets an idea of the paying publics opinion of the rules and whether it is creating a positive affect or a negative. The questionnaires could be given out every three months as this would mean that the rules and gym gets reviewed four times a year, which is relatively regularly. SECRUITY Leisure centers are well known for attracting thief's, not only on the inside of the center but also around the outside as well. A lot of leisure centers have realized to encourage customers or employees to ride their bicycles for daily travel trips; they need to ensure that they are provided with secure parking for their bikes. This requires placing the right type of parking area in the right location. A commonly used bike rack is the inverted "U" rack. This type of rack allows the frame of the bike and at least one wheel to be secured to the upright posts of the "U." Although still widely used, the old style of bike rack where only the front wheel is locked to low uprights are no longer recommended. These racks can damage expensive rims if a bike is knocked over and do not protect the whole bike if locked wheels have quick release levers. For long-term parking (all day or longer) bike lockers are a good choice. Lockers can usually accommodate two bikes with access at each end of the locker. The advantage of lockers over racks is protection from the elements and more security from theft. ...read more.


* If possible, take only your workout gear and driver's license to the gym. * Never keep your car keys with you and place on the floor while working out in the gym (we've had thieves steal the keys as the owners were working out). All individuals in the fitness center must follow all of these rules. 1. Everyone in the fitness centre MUST have been assessed and have their card. 2. Only the coach or fitness centre supervisor may pass out or file the cards. 3. NO GUM allowed. 4. No food is allowed in the fitness centre. 5. Cards, and fitness towels do not leave the fitness centre. 6. Click, don't clank, the weights...soft click. 7. Use your fitness towel & wipe the station dry before rotating to another. 8. Do not bring valuables, books, or backpacks into the fitness centre. Only bring in yourself, ready to workout. 9. No flipping towels or rowdy behaviour. 10. During the summer months, every individual must have a picture ID card that they will trade in for their card at the counter. No wallets or valuables please. 11. If people are waiting to use the cardio equipment, please limit your time to 20 minutes. That is the same time it will take you to do the blue or silver circuit. 12. Membership is non-transferrable. Unauthorized use of your ID card will result in the loss of membership. 13. Use perfect form and full range of motion while on the resistive machines. Complete 12 repetitions while on a resistive machine within the 30-second time period. 14. After adjusting your station, you can always start lifting early, but you can never stay late at a station. You must rotate immediately when the command says rotate and let the next lifter set up his/her pins. You have 20 seconds to set your pins. 15. Report any broken equipment to the fitness centre supervisor at the desk. All participants, including coaches must be in proper attire when in the fitness center supervising their teams. ...read more.

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