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Book II - Aeneid

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  • Essay length: 3285 words
  • Submitted: 16/11/2005
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GCSE Classics

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Book II - Aeneid

lines 13 - 56

After the destruction of Troy by the Greeks, the Trojan prince Aeneas escaped from the burning city with his father Anchises and is young son Ascanius, hoping to found a new city in another land. But the Goddess Juno, who hated the Trojan race, knew that a people of Trojan origin would one day threaten her beloved city of Carthage. She therefore persuaded Aeolus, god of winds, to wreck Aeneas and his fleet. However, thanks to Neptune's intervention, Aeneas and some of his fellow- Trojans survived the storm and landed in North Africa.

sed si tantus amor (est - not in text) casus cgnoscere nostros et breviter Troiae supremum audire laborem,

But if there is such a desire to know our misfortunes and to hear the final distress of Troy briefly,

quamquam animus meminisse horret luctuque refugit, incipiam.

although my heart shudders to remember and shrinks back with sorrow, I will begin.

fracti bello fatisque repulsi ductores Danaum (greeks) tot iam labentibus annis instar montis equum divina Palladis arte aedificant,

Broken by war and driven back by the fates the

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