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Citizenship coursework - Planning

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Citizenship Coursework Section One: Planning Describe the activity For this particular piece of coursework we decided as a group to concentrate on something which we felt affected pupils like ourselves or the community. Finally the issue came to be better school meals. Through this project we hope to be able to identify the things that contribute to a unhealthy diet and hope to change that. We want to get through to the students using a presentation which will be based on our discovering and our own opinion at the same time covering other information. We will hand out lots of leaflets so people will not forget what we have said. The leaflets will further explain what we have said. This is because we don't want the students to have a constant reminder of what we have said. Describe your role The role which I was assigned to in the group for this event involved me taking notes the entire meeting that we had and all the discussions. Before every meeting the agenda was appointed and given out to the group before each meeting. Provided that everyone knew what points were going to be raised during the meeting and they could think about how they were going to contribute. I took on the task of writing out the agenda and giving it out to the members in the group so that everyone in the group had a copy of what was said and what the decisions were. During the meeting I also made notes on what was being said. As well as doing this I had to make plus points and help contribute ideas in the discussions. Later I typed up the summation so that everyone knew what had been said and what had been voted on. I also had to help with the making of the display posters and contributed ideas in the content of it. I then thought of points that needed to be covered in the letter to the head teacher. ...read more.


During the presentation I spoke alongside Elma and helped hand things out needed. I also worked with Elma to make the concluding questionnaire and then I gave it out. This was so we could see how much they had taken in. Contribution of others We worked very well as a team; we all listened and wrote down what we had to do. Elma was over seeing everything that everyone has done; she also gave tasks out to everyone and made sure that people got them done. Elma had attended all the meetings and has made valued contributions and has given the group her ideas when asked. Elma also voted when she was asked. When Elma was asked she stayed after school and helped with the display work and. Elma also, in her own time, helped type up the things for the display and helped with the researching what we were going to include in our display. Elma researched things to go on the presentation, and helped type up things to go on the presentation. Elma spoke in the presentation and helped hand out things when she was needed. Section Three: Communication Questionnaires There are two main objectives in designing a questionnaire: * To maximize the amount of people answering our questionnaire - that is, the response rate. * To obtain accurate relevant information for our survey. They are a valuable method of collecting a wide range of information from a large number of reviewers and a way to reach a number of reviewers large enough to allow statistically analysis of the results. Good questionnaire construction is critical to the success of a survey. Inappropriate questions, incorrect ordering of questions or bad questionnaire format can make the survey valueless. The length of the questionnaire should be appropriate. In order to obtain accurate relevant information, we have to give some thought to what questions we ask, how we ask them, the order we ask them in, and the general layout of the questionnaire. ...read more.


We were able to handle tasks in a more appropriate way. It was very easy to work together and get along with each other because we were friends within our group. Personally, we all played a fair part and contributed enough, we also helped each other however we did have differences relating to the subject, such as deciding on what display we wanted. I wanted to set up a breakfast club in the morning with the intention that students would be getting healthy in addition to feeling more motivated whereas Elma wanted to create a lunch menu with healthier choices and then put them on display for sale. But we were able to work through them so that everyone was able to express their views on the topic and managed to produce a very successful piece. In the end we both realized that both ideas had just as important reasons so we joint them together to get their benefits. I feel that Elma did her work very well. Elma took charge of every situation that came around and made sure that everyone had an active role and knew what they were doing. During the first meeting when we decided the roles it was clear that Elma would make a good leader because she took charge straight away. Everything that Elma was asked of got done and she made valuable comments in the meeting and when she voted. She typed up things to go on the presentation and helped in all aspects of the presentation. When she was asked to do something Elma made sure she did it as soon as she could and in as much detail as she could. When doing research she found out pages of things that could have been included. During the presentation Elma spoke alongside me. Elma tackled her role very well and offered to do extra work whenever she had the time to do so. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sharmin Uddin ...read more.

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