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Claudius was undeniably one of the greatest emperors of Rome; we know this because of the many ancient sources that tell us of his achievements.

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Claudius was undeniably one of the greatest emperors of Rome; we know this because of the many ancient sources that tell us of his achievements. Achievements such as his expansion of the empire, the effective system he created through the use of freedmen and his reestablishment of the finances of the empire. Claudius continued to be a high achiever even after death, when he was announced a God by the people of Rome. His achievements contributed to the greatness of the Roman Empire and its long lived power. Claudius has been considered to be like Augustus, as well as like that of Julius Caesar. What is meant by this is that he continued imperial Rome like Augustus intended, and like Caesar he extended the mighty empire of Rome. ...read more.


Claudius corrected these problems, with much help from a group of freedmen. He organised this centralized bureaucracy which created as Barrat states a more efficient system for Rome to run on. He put freedmen in charge of different areas, such as putting Narcissus in charge of judicial and law issues and Pallas in charge of finances. This meant Claudius could keep Rome in an organised state without having to rely on the incompetent senate. Tacitus and Cassius Dio argue that Claudius left too much power to these freedmen, but they proved to be a successful system, which Nero also employed during his reign. At the beginning of Claudius's reign, the treasury was extremely low due to the careless spending of Caligula. Claudius solved this problem quickly without increasing the taxes of Rome. ...read more.


Claudius is considered to be one of the most humane leaders of Rome. He treated freedmen and woman with great respect. This can be seen through his employment of freedmen and the power he installed in his wives. His gentle and respectful behaviour is also characterised in his treatment of Caractacus. Many citizens of Rome would have considered this an act of great respect and dignity. Claudius even showed great consideration when expelling notoriously bad senators, he gave them the choice to leave honourably rather than become expelled. Claudius is notably one of the best emperors Rome has ever seen. He achieved a great deal during his reign and is recognized for this by modern and ancient sources. The government during his reign was extremely efficient. He left the highly developed empire a god, and his achievements bettered Rome for the centuries to come. ...read more.

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