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Cyclops's Island * Odysseus starts of by Telling King Alcinous his story, Calypso kept him prisoner for seven years because she wanted home to be her husband. Circe same for 1 year * Wind from Illium (Troy) also took him to Ismarus the city of the Cicones. They destroyed Ismarus and killed all the men; they took lots of plunder (treasure, flock and women. There he told his men that they must quickly escape, but men refused. * The other Cicones told the Cicones from the surrounding area and men attacked in chariots, during the night they got the upper hand on Achaean s, and broke in ranks killing 6 men from every ship, they then escaped and sailed away * Rested on land for 2 days and 2 nights after being caught up in strong winds, because feared they wouldn't survive. On third set sail again * For nine days they chased winds and on the tenth day they came across, the land of the lotus eats. ...read more.


* Approached a cave with large flocks of sheep and goats, their was a wall around the cave, made of stone. * Odysseus took some of his men with him, and goatskin filled with mellow wine and food. (Priest of Apollo). Maron son of Euanthes also given him seven talets of gold, mixing bowl of solid silver and 1 jars of mellow unmixed wine. * When reached cave there was no one home because Cyclops tending sheep. Went inside and looked at everything. Baskets with cheese, kids and lambs, pails and bowls were full of whey. * Men wanted to take everything and go but Odysseus wanted to wait and see the owner so they lit a fire and ate (Cyclopes food). * At supper time Cyclopes returned he shut entrance with a big boulder and milked goats. Curdled white milk and collected whey. after he had finished work he saw Odysseus and his men * Cyclopes demanded who they are he thought they were pirates and Odysseus explained to him his ...read more.


* Cyclopes started screaming and shouting. His friends came too see what was happening, when asked name of who had inflicted him with pain, he said 'Nobody' so they went away. * To escape Odysseus tied three sheep together and in middle were his men. He would hang from the big ram. * The Cyclopes took each sheep and placed it outside, not knowing men were inside. He then saw big ram was not at the front and thought he stayed behind because he felt the master's sadness. * Once they had escaped, Odysseus called back to insult the Polyphemus, he then got a boulder and threw it and the ship which brought them back to land. * When out to sea again Odysseus called back again, telling the Cyclopes his name. * Cyclopes realised that an ancient prophecy came true and cursed Odysseus. That he may never reach home or if he does all his men would have died. He then threw another boulder , which pushed them further out to see, ...read more.

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