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Euthanasia Speech

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Euthanasia Imagine a loved one or relative was dying a slow and painful death, nothing you could do would stop their pain and suffering. They ask you to end their life, what would you do? Like many people I believe that in some circumstances taking a life to make someones suffering stop should be legalized in the UK. The name for this 'mercy killing' is Euthanasia which comes from a Greek word meaning easy death...And an easy death is exactly what I believe everyone has the right too.. ...read more.


Some of you may be familiar with the case of Dan James, 23, who died on September 12 after traveling to a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland with members of his family. Dan was an under 16's rugby player who had a bright future in the sport. His career was tragically cut short after he dislocated his spine when a scrum collapsed during a training session. The injury left him paralysed from the chest down. It was his wishes that he did not want to live in a wheel chair and after years suffering decided he would rather end his life. ...read more.


If someone is going to die in pain with a terminal illness why prolong their suffering? I believe if it was legalized it would have to be heavily regulated and there would have to be a clear line between euthanasia and murder, perhaps only made legal if the patient had under 6 months to live. Euthanasia will always be a controversial topic of discussion, some people think that we should never play the role of God and take peoples lives into our hands, however I think that by legalizing Euthanasia in the UK it will give people the choice to consider an alternative ending to a slow, undignified and painful death. Not only for their suffering but also their loved ones. ...read more.

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