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Health and social care double award

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How health needs change across the life spam Infancy (0-3) When a baby is born it always depends on its parent or carer for everything. Babies physical needs are warmth, shelter, balanced diet, protection, good hygiene, sleep and exercise these are the things a baby needs to survive. Babies need to have toys to simulate their brain also things like picture books, television, role modeling these are all a babies intellectual needs that will help the baby start to learn. As part of their emotional needs they need to be able to bond with their parent or carer this is called an attachment relationship they need a lot of love and support and encouragement. A babies social needs are at three years old they will start parallel play and bonding with other children but before that they just play aside other children they don't actually play with the other babies this is called solo play. They need to be developed into routines and be able to explore their environment. ...read more.


These then lead to change in hormones. Their hormones will be all over and this will then cause mood swings which will lead to stress because they may have arguments with parents etc. Adolescent's physical needs are warmth, shelter, balanced diet, protection, good hygiene, sleep and exercise. These are all the physical needs for an adolescent to survive and stay healthy. Their intellectual needs are they learn more advanced things at school they learn things like sex relationship and sexuality. Also there education will help their intellectual needs because at this age they will still be in education so they are learning something new everyday. Adolescents need a good education at school because there school life then leads to getting a career. They need to learn how to look after their own money and develop new work skills. Adolescent's emotional needs are they need to develop their confidence (self esteem) this means felling good about them selves and how they dress. They also need to build up confidence in their own self achievement and self control. ...read more.


They then will not be learning as they would have been if they had a job. This affects their intellectual and then they won't be getting out and bonding with the other work colleges. This will affect their social needs. They also need a lot more care. Their physical needs are warmth, shelter, good hygiene, healthy balanced diet, safe surroundings, facilities, comfort and practical health. These are all things a person 65+ needs to survive and stay healthy. Their intellectual needs include reading newspapers, watching TV, reading books and conversation. Their emotional needs are they may lose people close to them like their friends or their partners so they will need support and encouragement from family. They need to feel like their in a safe surrounding. In conclusion as you can see your needs (PIES) change quite a lot from a infant to later adult hood. As an infant you depend on other people to look after you but when you get to be an adolescent or an adult you don't depend on people as much. Then when you get to later adult hood 65+ you start depending on people more because you need more care. ?? ?? ?? ?? Health and care unit 2 Sophie fisher ...read more.

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