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How Was The Roman Empire Built?

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How Was The Roman Empire Built? 18.1.09 The Roman Empire was built because the Roman army took over almost the entire peninsula of Italy. By the start of the 3rd Century the only part of surrounding Italy that was not under control of the Romans, was controlled by the Gauls, and the major cities founded by the Greeks. Rome Became a War Machine! Almost the entire peninsula of Italy was under the rule of the Romans, this became as the 'Romanization' of the country. ...read more.


The Romans built a vast network of roads, which allowed their armies to move rapidly throughout the country in case of attacks. (This was later also inputted all over Europe by the Romans). The most famous road, Via Appia connected Rome to towns in the south of Italy. While the other main road, Via Clodia connected Rome to Etrucia. The Romans always maintained the fact that they only fought if they had to defend themselves. ...read more.


When the Roman soldiers saw this they were so scared that they fled in panic. Although Pyrrhus had won he had lost 4,000 soldiers. However the defeated Romans did not give up. They fought a second time, and lost a second time! In the next battle the Romans were finally victorious. This summed up the Romans because; up until now they had just been able to walk over their opposition. But when they came up against a challenge, they did not give up until they won. This attitude meant the Romans were able to create one of the greatest empires ever! ...read more.

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