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Jaws (Techniques)

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The Film, 'Jaws' hooks you from the very beginning and won't let go. When it was unleashed upon the public, people all around the globe were amazed at the perfect blend of acting, music and directiing. First of all, you notice that the shark is not actually in shot most of the film, which originally I had thought to be a flaw in the film, but later I noticed that less of the shark actually heightened the tension in many parts of the film. For instance in the opening scene of the film; the first victim of the shark flails desperately in view of the camera without ever actually having a shot of the shark. ...read more.


It then increases in pace, faster, and faster. The scene ends when the shark-cam is directly underneath an unsuspecting civilian. Amazingly atmospheric. Another famous camera shot is of the monster's looming black dorsel fin above the water, moving like a quick, deadly, silent predator. This induces the fear of death and incinuates that the aquatic creature has arrived. Spielberg knew this, by cruely having a swimmer in the ocean look exactly like the infamous fish paranoid Brody was terrified of. Good acting. Something that I am worried is being neglected in recent films I've viewed. But the film 'Jaws' redefines acting and builds relations with characters, even if they are not originally particularly likeable human beings (e.g. ...read more.


The camera and props work together and move seamlessly aswell as the light from the boat compliments the mood amazingly to increase the anxiety of each and every person, viewer and character alike. All in all, the film, "Jaws" is awesome, quite simply to put it. Amazingly devised film, amazingly devised soundtrack, amazingly devised script. The mood and atmosphere is created as a mix of many factors Speilberg was in charge of and each factor works perfectly and in harmony with each other. There is only one way I can think of to describe this work of art. A masterpiece... truly. Each and every part is created to enhance the experience of viewing of something so flawless, and rightly deserves the enormous amount of praise it revieves. Have you seen this film? If no, then watch it! If yes, then watch it again!! ~Andrew Roe ...read more.

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