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Kate Young

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Kate Young April 7, 2006 English H 8th The Results of Family Betrayal "Family quarrels are bitter things that don't go by any rules. They're not like aches or wounds; they're more like splits in the skin that won't heal because there's not enough material" (Fitzgerald). In Anne of Green Gables, Anne and her family are not perfect, but overcome their problems. A classic example of this would be when Anne meets Mrs. Rachel for the first time and rudely insults her, yet Marilla defends Anne, reminding Mrs. Rachel that Anne has had no proper upbringing as of yet (Montgomery). Unfortunately, some families are not as loving and forgiving as Anne's family shows themselves to be. In the year 2000, 10.2% of females in the United States were divorced, excluding separations (Divorce Magazine). This is proof that not all families are as perfect as Anne's. ...read more.


Medea is stunned because she loved Jason very deeply, and he not only left her for another woman, he also abandoned their children. Medea is now facing being exiled from Corinth, which would leave her stranded, without the means to support herself and her children. Medea plans to take everything away from Jason, wants to make him suffer through as much emotional pain as she is going through, in order to punish him for his unfaithfulness to her and her family. "If I can find the means or devise any scheme to pay my husband back for what he has done to me-him and his father in law and the girl who married him...for when a woman is wronged in the matter of love, no other soul can hold so many thoughts of blood" (l. 260-266). In order to do this, she murders his new wife, the princess of Corinth by presenting her with the gift of a cursed cloak and diadem. ...read more.


Medea's murdering of her children is the ultimate act of retribution for Jason's unfaithfulness to his family. She takes away his bride, his father in law, and his future. Just as Medea had planned, Jason is left utterly void of hope and without those he loved most of all. When a family tie is broken it can cause irreparable damage, as is demonstrated in Euripides' tragedy, The Medea. Family can be an awesome thing, in most cases family loves and supports you, even through all the arguments and difficulties that many families face. In today's society, people not only need to uphold and protect their families, but they need to forgive them when someone makes a mistake, possibly betraying the family. If a family does not issue forgiveness, it can possibly turn mother against daughter, father against son, and completely destroy a family. When revenge instead of forgiveness occurs in a family, it tears that family apart; therefore, people in today's modern society should strive for forgiveness instead of revenge. ...read more.

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