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Major characters in "The Odyssey".

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Character List Odysseus * He is intelligent and crafty, and saves himself from many situations by using his wits. * Portrayed to be an iliadic hero with a huge amount of kleos due to victory at Troy. * Shows infediity towards Penelope but is loyal to her in his heart. * Has a passion to return home and regain wealth and land. Telemachus * Paralleling Odysseus' greater journey * Athene helps him to gain courage and become a man by traveling to find out more about his father. * He matures a lot from when we first see him in the Telemachy when he cannot deal with the Suitors to when he is able to stamp his authority later in the book with the Suitors and finally go in to war with the Suitors with his father. ...read more.


Circe * Cunning, intelligent, follows good xenia * Tricks some of Odysseus' men and turns them into pigs, but when Odysseus overcomes her, she becomes kind and hospitable. Calypso * Beautiful goddess who captures Odysseus, and keeps him a prisoner for several years. Becomes attached to Odysseus won't let him leave till Athene begs for his release. * Calypso is lonely and possessive, but truly cares for Odysseus, and so she is benevolent to him when he leaves the island as she gives him advice and helps him build a raft. Polyphemos the Cyclops * Clumsy, dumb. * Abuses xenia - Polyphemous does not share the same customs, and instead eats Odysseus' men. Cyclopes are descendants of Poseidon, and so he shelters them. When Odysseus blinds Polyphemos and escapes with his men, he angers Poseidon, which is the cause behind Odysseus' years of sailing for his home. ...read more.


Eurycleia * Odysseus' old nurse who still serves Penelope. * She is one of the only loyal serving women, because many of them have been promiscuous with the suitors. She is the first non-god to recognize Odysseus, and is a strong woman. Eumaeus * A loyal swineherd of Odysseus and Odysseus stays with him during his first night in Ithaca. * Shows his loyalty to Odysseus when he returns as he fights in battle with him. * Has a good relationship with the family, as seen when Telemachus and himself reunite like a father and son would. Philoeteus * Is the primary cowherd of Odysseus. he stands with Odysseus against the suitors of his wife, * He works together with Eumaeus to accomplish some tasks as locking the suitors in Odysseus' home and stealing their weapons, so they could not fight back. * Odysseus later promises both Philoeteus and Eumaeus freedom and power for being one of his few servants that remained faithful at his return to Ithaca. ...read more.

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