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Most of the buildings in Pompeii were houses. Most were fine large single storey private houses owned by wealthy people. This type of house was called a domus.

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Pompeii houses Molly Clements Most of the buildings in Pompeii were houses. Most were fine large single storey private houses owned by wealthy people. This type of house was called a domus. Poorer people lived in blocks of flats with many storeys. These were called insulae. There were very few of these in Pompeii, which shows it was a rich town. The houses were built of horizontal bands of brick and stonework often filled in with rubble. It was then faced with a layer of brick in a diamond shaped pattern. The wall was then usually covered with Plaster. Houses were usually rectangular in shape with one main entrance to the street. This door was heavy and wooden. ...read more.


Beneath the roof opening on the floor of the atrium was the impluvium. This was a shallow pool of rainwater collected through the roof hole. Beneath the impluvium were systems for the storage of water that could be piped through the house and used as drinking water. The tablinium was a room with a table used for study. It was the mid point of the house. The family bedrooms - the cubiculae were arranged in the back half of the house. There would also be sleeping area for slaves and storage spaces here. The open space in the back part of the houses was called the peristylum. A colonnade - a covered walkway with columns, surrounded it. ...read more.


The tables were low off the floor. People usually sat on couches rather than chairs. There were no wardrobes; clothing etc. was stored in boxes and chests, this was to save space in all the rooms. The Romans liked to paint pictures or designs on the walls. They were painted on over wet plaster - this is called fresco. Another one was to use plaster as decoration - this called stucco. Paintings were usually of mythological scenes, this is because the gods always played a key part in mythology. Many paintings had architectural devises using friezes and panels. Painted columns provided the verticals and a dado the horizontal. The floors of the important rooms like the atrium and the triclinium would be covered with mosaic - small coloured cubes of stone and set in plaster. Themes were usually geometric patterns but some were pictorial representations. ...read more.

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