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"Pliny Never Shows Any Real Love For Calpurnius" Do You Agree?

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Pliny Never Shows Any Real Love For Calpurnius, Do You Agree? Calpurnia was the wife of Pliny. She married Pliny when she was just 14, whereas he was 39. Their relationship was often hard to figure out, and in this essay I am going to discuss whether or not Pliny really loved Calpurnius. When Pliny impregnated Calpurnia when she was in her mid teens, she had a miscarriage and came very close to dying. She was sent to Campania to recover. During this time we are given mixed messages about Pliny's feelings for her. He complains about how much he misses her, for example in letter 5, he talks about how when reading her letters to him it is 'pure pleasure'. In letter 6 he also shows us that he misses her, suggesting that it is possibly because they are not used to being apart from each other. ...read more.


If he feels so strongly towards her, why doesn't he go and see her? He complains about having so much work in letter 4, yet most of his work is created himself, and to put work before his love isn't a sign of real love between Pliny and Calpurnius. He also overlooks the fact that the reason Calpurnius is away from him is because she is recovering from almost dying, and he puts his desires first, asking Calpurnius to write to him at least once or twice a day. This shows us that the relationship is based on what he wants. We know that Pliny also hoped for children, who would continue the family name and could pass on their memories of their parents to others, especially his achievements, demonstrating his arrogant side. ...read more.


He says in letter 6 that he is often drawn to her room at the times he used to visit her. This could mean that he misses and wants their sexual relationship that they had, implying that he is using her to gain an heir. He also uses Calpurnius to get recognition. In letter 3 we are told how she sits and listens behind a curtain at Pliny's readings and laps p the applause. He says that no one has forced her but love, but if he loves her, why doesn't he allow her to join in with his friends? Although Pliny definitely does show some signs of loving Calpurnius, their relationship is mainly built on him and what he wants, changing his feelings towards Calpurnius according to others standards to get his desires fulfilled. ...read more.

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