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Portrayal of Odysseus in Book 22 of The Odyssey

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Portrayal of Odysseus in Book 22 In book 22, Odysseus is portrayed as a strong willed and ruthless man, who is extremely influenced by his emotions, which seem to all come out in this particular book. I think this was almost like the climax for him - all his feelings which he had been bottling up inside throughout the complete story before erupt and spill out and you see his extremely violent and unpleasant side. Odysseus' tremendously murderous side is uncovered, with him inducing a massacre in the hall of Suitors, with no repentance it seems - 'As long as he had arrows to shoot with, Odysseus kept shooting the Suitors one by one in the hall till the dead lay in piles.' ...read more.


He is described to give 'a black look' and he threatens the suitors with 'either face me and fight, or else run and see if you can escape death and doom, though I do not think any of you will get away alive.' This shows the extremity of his passionate hate and abhorrence towards the suitors, and how much they have hurt and destroyed him in a time where he should have enjoyed being reunited with his family. He is shown as a great warrior in this book in particular, with immense leadership skills and control - 'returned to Odysseus, their shrewd and capable master' and has Leodes begging ...read more.


furious he was at their treachery - "Set on them with your long swords till you have executed them all and they have forgotten their secret love-making in he arms of the Suitors." Even when "Wailing bitterly, with the tears streaming down their cheeks, the women all came in together" he shows no remorse for the maids and carries on making orders. All in all, I think the 'real' Odysseus is definitely revealed in Book 22, showing you his other more aggressive, brutal and ruthless side, as well as enforcing his resourcefulness and excellent leadership skills. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arta Ajeti 10B.2 19th January 2009 Classics Mrs Durham ...read more.

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