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Reunions in a Traditional Greek village

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Reunions in a Traditional Greek village Ceremonies take place all over the world. Ceremonies are defined as an act or set of formal acts established by custom authority as proper to a special occasion" (Webster's New World Dictionary third college edition, 229). In this case, the "proper" occasion was the reunion of villagers which lead to a celebration. Celebrations are related with food for it is "establishes relationships of give and take, of co-operation, of a sharing, of an emotional bond that is universal" (Haviland, 43) The celebration in the village was among families and relatives, who have come from the village. All of the people gathered at the reunion were related to one another either by kinship or by friendship. They all were there for a reason, to celebrate the sixth reunion, and these celebrations take place every three years. Over the summer I had the opportunity to take part in this tradition in a rural Greek village. My grandparents raised my father, his brother, and his sister in that village. It is located in Peloponnisos, which is located in the southern part of the Greek mainland. ...read more.


Next, the mayor led all the people to the front of an old house that had been remodeled recently. A family who lived there owned the house in the early 1900's. It was transformed into a cultural center and had just opened recently for the people to observe. The house was quite small, so it was difficult for all of the people to go in all at once. In the house there was a display of the old kitchenware used, the clothes they wore, and the quilts that the women living in the village during that time period had made. Everyone was very amused by the artifacts that were on display. They learned a lot about the way that their ancestors lived a long time ago. That same night was the major event of the reunion. As mid-day came, the smell of roasting wild pig was spreading everywhere in the village. The five taverns that surrounded the square were open from the early hours preparing the meat to grill for the celebration. The reason why they eat wild pig is because first of all it is very difficult to hunt this animal and it shows manhood. ...read more.


The night continued and speeches from the mayor and President of the village spoke about the towns major events throughout history. There was also entertainment provided, a live band playing traditional Greek songs. These songs were songs that were popular when my grandparents lived in the village, and reminded all the older generation that their era has not been forgotten. The night went on the live band got louder and louder, as people were slowly finishing their food, tables were being pushed aside for room to dance. In a very short time, all the children rushed out into the dance floor and started to play. The adults then stood up and joined hand in hand in traditional Greek dances. This celebration continued till about three o'clock in the morning. So many things have changed since my grandparents lived in Levidi. Their lifestyle had become more complex in America, but also easier. In Chicago, my grandfather with my father and my uncle own restaurants. They make money easier and are completely content with their decision of leaving the village, and they enjoy going back at least once a year. In conclusion, ceremonies bring people closer together. They dance hand in hand, eat side by side and drink to each other's health. Words: 1494 ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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