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Siddhartha Character analysis

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Formula for Character Analysis Siddhartha By: Herman Hesse Formula for Character Analysis Clarification Sheet I. a) Siddhartha 1) Knowledgeable 2) Patient 3) Questioning 4) Enlightened b) Govinda 1) Follower 2) Intelligent 3) Spiritual 4) Loyal c) Kamala 1) Beautiful 2) Slender 3) Youthful 4) Materialistic d) Vasudeva 1) Wise 2) Old 3) Divine 4) Humble II. a) Siddhartha 1) Knowledgeable - "Siddhartha had long taken part in the learned men's conversations, engaged in debate with Govinda and had practiced the art of contemplation." (3) This shows that Siddhartha has attained much knowledge and is able to take part in the wise men's conversations. 2) Patient - "He ate once a day and never cooked food. He fasted fourteen days. He fasted twenty-eight days." (13) This shows that Siddhartha is able to be patient with his body as well as himself. 3) Questioning - "Siddhartha began to feel the seeds of discontent within him... He had begun to suspect that his worthy father and his other teachers... had passed on to him the best of knowledge... "(5) Siddhartha feels that this knowledge is not enough for him and that he must find a greater source of happiness. This causes him to start questioning his life. ...read more.


Although Vasudeva just seems to be an old man, he seems to transcend the living world. 4) Humble - "You are welcome Siddhartha... I hope you will be my guest today and also sleep in my hut..." (103). Vasudeva is humble and requires no payment of Siddhartha for the many times he has carried him across the river. III. a) Siddhartha: Siddhartha is able to reach enlightenment through a series of events that allow him to learn many valuable lessons about life. Siddhartha is completely consumed by his quest for spiritual enlightenment. Although he learns the wisdoms through the Brahmins, learns the skills of the Samanas, and the masters teachings of Gotama, he is not able to fully understand how to reach enlightenment. In addition, no matter how many others accept a particular religious explanation, Siddhartha will refuse it if it proves to be false. Siddhartha seeks spiritual enlightenment at any cost, which complicates other areas of life. Friends, lovers, and family members are all abandoned by Siddhartha because he believes that they are a hindrance to his quest. "Tomorrow at daybreak, I will begin the life of the Samanas." (10). Furthermore, he is guided by a strong belief in his convictions, and argues with the head of the Samanas and even with the Gotama who has found enlightenment. ...read more.


His primary action, other than carrying passengers across the river, is listening. "Without saying a word, the speaker felt that Vasudeva took in every word, quietly, expectantly, that he missed nothing." (104). In a way, Siddhartha relies on Vasudeva to save his life. Vasudeva teaches Siddhartha only that he should learn from the river and allow it to explain its wisdom. Throughout Siddhartha's spiritual progression, Vasudeva keeps him moving in the right path by prompting him to listen to the river whenever he has questions or doubts. This is the final lesson in which Siddhartha reaches enlightenment, which shows that Vasudeva was necessary in order for Siddhartha to reach enlightenment. IV. a) Siddhartha: Cinquain Poem Siddhartha Handsome, Spiritual Meditating, Moving, He strays like a lost and learning child. Buddha b) Govinda: Alphabet Poem G ood follower O pen to suggestions V ery Intellectual I nclined to stay with leaders N ot willing to go on his own D etermined to reach enlighenment A ttained enlightenment through a different path c) Kamala: Diamond Poem Kamala Beautiful, Knowledgeable Teaching, Learning, Satisfying Pleasure, Beauty, Lust, Materialism Aging, Disfiguring, Displeasing Old. Rough Mature d) Vasudeva: Couplet Poem Vasudeva is enlightened. He is so divine that it may frighten. One can see that he is wise And that he has achieved paradise. Although he is old His face is not cold. His warm smile is so bright That one must see this wonderful sight. ...read more.

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