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tension story medieval

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A Medieval Mur... The Church bell rang once, twice... up to twelve times, it was midnight. In a dark forest the fog had risen, you couldn't see more than a meter in front of you. The trunks of trees were bigger than three feet. Between the saplings; a figure was walking at a steady speed. It seemed like the person new the forest off by heart. After a few minutes the hooded figure arrived in a clearing at the base of a cliff. There was a natural cavern in the base of the rock. The mysterious person entered the dwelling and walked in the dark for about two minutes, and then he saw a figure sitting in the middle of a circular room where he had landed. ...read more.


Replied the dweller of the cave. "Even if I don't know what you mean I won't have problem staying with the king." Replied the other man "Then see you after the meeting, at one in the morning same place." Said the master In room nine people were sitting. The king named Arzhael was at the end of the table. There were four councillors on each side. "We have gathered here today for a matter of war" Announced the king. There were whispers around the table. In spite of the sound the king continued "One of our allies has asked help to defeat the company of the red eagles, because there spies have revealed that they have only a thousand men." ...read more.


In the same forest, the same cave, the same people were having a meeting. "So how did it go?" asked the dweller. "Fine I managed to stay with the king" Replied the counsellor "Then I think you will soon have finished your task." Said the other man "When is our next meeting?"Said the man who came from the castle "I should say tomorrow at three in the afternoon that should leave you enough time." Replied the dweller "No problem I think that I might have finished by the end of the night."Affirmed the counsellor Later that night inside the castle, the king was on his way to bed, then he heard a noise. "Who is there!"Exclaimed the king Nobody answered then out of nowhere a figure came running with a dagger. The king surprised could only say one word. "Efflam..." ...read more.

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