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The Giving Tree Review

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Julie Vang Media Literacy March 23, 2010 The Giving Tree There are many reasons why books are being produced, such as entertainments for many children and adults, teaching life values, directions for doing certain things, learning about history, etc. When I was 6 years old, I remember there were always books lying around and I'd read all the books with the colorful and interesting covers and skip all the ones that are dull and left them lying in the corner of the bookshelf for months or years. When I was 8 years old, I picked up one of the books that left in the corner for a while. ...read more.


With the love the tree had for the boy, it's willing to give him anything that he needs. The boy kept on using the tree until there is just a stump left, and he sailed away in the boat he built. Then many years later he came back and the tree had nothing left to give him since the tree is only a stump now. But then the boy, who is an old man now, only wanted a place to rest, and the tree provided him its stump to sit on. The tree was happy that it could still make the boy happy. It's a book that has had influenced me the most when I was younger. ...read more.


Even thought he lost his innocence, the older he got always made me wonder what happen to people. I thought that it's sad of how long it took the boy to realize what matters in life and took so long to come back to the tree. I believe that happiness is all that really matters in life. The Giving Tree have impacted and changed my ways in thinking, even now it still does. Happiness is something I'd always want in my life. Whether I'm speaking to principal or to my classmates the same respect is given to both. To get ahead in life being well liked by people is important. Now when I read The Giving Tree, I think that there are two roads to take in life: one of selfishness and one of selflessness; my choice selfishness. ...read more.

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