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The One For Yoy

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Corey Shaw Mr.LaPalme AP English 12/01/09 Notes Page "Paul's Case" Characterization Read the first 10 paragraphs of "Paul's Case" and record examples from the story which reveal Paul's character. - Tall, thin, cramped shoulders, narrow chest. - Hysterical brilliancy to his eyes. - Showed a form physical aversion to all his teachers. - Wore Outgrown clothes, tan velvet on collar of jacket was frayed. - Entered the faculty room suaving and smiling. - He was accustomed to lying. - He showed some form of physical aversion to all his teachers. The first 10 paragraphs characterize Paul through the eyes of others. What conflicting feelings do you have about Paul based on the characterization of Paul this far? ...read more.


Before he was happy about seeing a performance, but after was quite depressed all the time. He often dreamed about living in New York with a theatrical career. Setting List the four settings in the story in the order they appear. Why does the author reveal these settings in this order? -The school, Carnegie Hall, Cordelia Street, and New York. This order serves as a life cycle as a progression, in which Paul goes from his hopes and despair for his dream and where dies in New York. Two of the four settings include access to the world of the arts. Does Paul love art and creativity? Does he aspire to be an artist in some form, or does the world of the arts offer him something he is unable to find in the other settings? ...read more.


Consider Paul as a representative for young people who don't seem to fit in and his teachers and father as a representative for society. What might Cather's theme be in this story? -The story reveals that if humans are not happy they with their life they will do such crazy thing s to bring about a better suited one, -His theme in this story is that when people do not fall into what they were expected to be or a disappointment they may become sad and even commit suicide. Symbols List at least one symbol in the story and explain what it represents. Flowers: Paul trying to see and find beauty in a very mundane, uncertain world. When he wears the red rose when he appears before the faculty, it stands out in a negative way, appearing garish and tacky instead of beautiful and subtle. ...read more.

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