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The Saga of Kirke.

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Jim Noojin The Saga of Kirke Rewrite In various situations in the Kirke episode the themes of false paradise and loyalty are present. The Island of Kirke gives itself a false appearance of divinity. The goddess Kirke gives off a false appearance of enchantment and courtesy. Odysseus and his men convey the theme of loyalty throughout the episode of Kirke to each other. Odysseus shows loyalty not just to his men, but to his wife and his homeland as well. From the ship's arrival on the shore the island gives itself a false appearance of divinity. Odysseus narrates that an unseen god has lured them into the cove: "We came/ washed in our silent ship upon her shore/ and found a cove, a haven for a ship-/ some god, invisible, conned us in" (154-157). False appearance of divinity comes out on third day on the island of Kirke. On Odysseus's way back to the seashore from the observation rock he comes across a big buck, which he kills to feed his men. ...read more.


/ So mutual trust may come of play and love' " (365-377). Being forewarned by Hermes, Odysseus out wits the goddess once again. Odysseus and his men convey the theme of loyalty throughout the episode of Kirke. Odysseus shows his loyalty not only to his men but to his wife and homeland as well. His men show their loyalty to him and one another. The men hold doubt when Odysseus asks them to go out and explore the island. They fear of what might happen after their adventure with Antiphates and Kyklops. The men think of what might happen if they put their trust Odysseus again. However showing their loyalty to Odysseus the men go off with out argument to the hall of Kirke, but crying: "So off he went, with twenty two companions/ Weeping" (227-229). Odysseus thinks of his men before he indulges in the fine meal prepared for him by the nymphs. Upon his request, Kirke goes to the pen and transforms the pigs back into men. ...read more.


The theme of false paradise is present. The men and Odysseus have been feasting for a year now and they have fallen out of the daze that where they are is paradise. They rather be at home in Ithaca. Odysseus keeps is loyalty to his men and tells Kirke that she must keep her promise and send them home: " 'O Kirke,/[...]/ pleading when you are not at hand to hear (533-538). In the Kirke episode Odysseus and his men show their loyalty to one another through false appearances. Kirke gives an appearance as a courteous maiden inviting the men into have food and drink. Since it was common courtesy during this time period to invite a stranger into your house and feed them before asking their name, nothing was thought of it. In the episode Kirke tries to seduce Odysseus, but fails because he has been warned about her. The book shows how the loyalty in both the men and Odysseus grow as it goes on. They trust one another and respect each other. ...read more.

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