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Understand how customer services is provided in business.

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Customer services Task 1 - Understand how customer services is provided in business The definition of Customer services - Is the way that the organisation looks after their customers. The organisation works as a team to satisfy customers, so they can come back again and so they can also tell their friends and family about how well the business is going. Unsatisfied customers will take their money elsewhere and tell their friends about the bad service. For example, the store Primark has very bad customer services as, if a customer would want to exchange a product or get their money back they would have to cue up for a very long time and that would annoy them. Customer service is the ability of an organisation to recognise and consistently meet its customers' needs. Customer service may be provided by a person or by automated means called self service. Examples of self service are internet sites. Customer service is normally an integral part of a company's customer value proposition. External customers - External customers are outside businesses and individuals who contact your organisation because they require goods or a service. For example, nationalities and cultures, ages from the very young to the elderly and men or women. - Internal customers are colleagues who work with you and need Thorpe Park is an amusement park in Chertsey, Surrey, England built in 1979 on the site of a gravel pit which was partially flooded to make a water theme park. The park's first large roller coaster was colossus, one of the worlds first ten introversion steel roller coaster when it opened on March 22, 2006. Its top speed is 45mph and its height is at 99 feet. Thorpe Park provide goods and services to their customers as inside the theme park they have many restaurants such as Burger King and Pizza hut, and they are well priced in comparison to their high street restaurants. ...read more.


If you are arranging appointments, phone calls or deliveries must be at your customers satisfactory as this will please them and will not prevent them from returning to the organisation. Accessibility/ availability - Customers find it very irritating when they want something but cannot have it for some reason, especially if they saw an advertisement of the product and when it comes the time for them buying it, it is sold out. If an employee comes across a situation like this they should try to help the customer by satisfying them and putting their name on a waiting list for the product. Meeting specific customer needs - Meeting customers needs involves talking to the customer and then providing them to a range of goods and services that you can offer and also which match their needs. Working under pressure - Many employees can sometimes work under pressure and can become very busy and unpleasant. It is also more difficult when they are trying to do more than three things at a time. Even though an employee is stressed out and under a lot of pressure, they need to make sure that they are helpful towards a customer at all times. Confirming service meets needs and expectations - Some businesses do not forget about their customers once they have made a purchase and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase by giving them a call and making sure they are happy with the product. This shows the customer that the business has not forgotten about them and cares whether they are satisfied with the product. Dealing with problems - Many employees have different types of problems to deal with. If they are unhappy, the employer should let them talk without interrupting them, check that you have the correct facts, do your best to help and referring the problem to some one if it is serious. ...read more.


Effective customer service benefits the organisation as they will become more successful and will carry on receiving customers. They will also earn a lot more money with treating their customers fairly. If a business is treating their customers badly and are not giving them what they want, then the business will not receive more customers in the future. For example, Etam a clothes store that is now closed down, had many customer complaints as the customers could not refund the item they had bought. The business became unsuccessful and received many customer complaints that they had to close down. Effective customer service benefits the employee as they will have job satisfaction if the business is doing well. If a business is doing really badly and the employees keep receiving customer complaints they are going to feel unhappy because they keep getting shouted at by the customers. But if a business is doing well, the employees will feel as if they are doing a good job and would want to stay at work for a longer period of time. This will show customers that the business is a good and fun environment place to work in and will bring future staff to want to work there. Examples of poor customer service are: Orange - When some customers are calling at Orange customer services, they wait for over half an hour and customer representatives don't seem to care less. British gas - Energy watch received 15,433 complaints about British gas between April and September, compared to 6,222 in the same period last year. This is because of inaccurate billing and lack of response of enquires. Banks - lack of communication by banks wastes the time of nearly four in five customers (77%), when customers call back the organisations trying to find out whether the problem has been sorted out or if action has taken place to resolve an ongoing query. One in ten of these spend more than an hour a week re-contacting organisations about unresolved queries. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bianca Chanell Orum Assignment 2 - Customer services ...read more.

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