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What does this extract reveal about Okonkwo and his relationship with the other characters?

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What does this extract reveal about Okonkwo and his relationship with the other characters? This short extract reveals many things about Okonkwo and his relationships with other characters for example the fact that he 'ruled his family with a heavy hand' and that he was respected by his wives and children. The first thing that I can reveal about Okonkwo's relationship with the other characters is the fact that he liked to be in control of his household: 'Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand.' The reason that Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand was because he lived in fear himself, he did not want to be the same as his father, he felt his father had been a failure, ...read more.


But they dared not complain openly.' This shows that the wives and children were scared of Okonkwo; when they felt tired or in pain they did not show this to Okonkwo because they knew he wanted them to work as hard as he did. They feared the backlash if they did not. Okonkwo made no exceptions even though they were women and children. He did not consider that they weren't as strong. This also shows that Okonkwo was not easily approached by the other characters. Okonkwo was also worried that his son, Nwoye, would turn out to be a failure as he felt he was showing signs of 'incipient laziness'. ...read more.


This shows that Okonkwo was respected as the people were scared of him and didn't want him to beat them or even kill them so they respected him and didn't mess him around. From the passage I can see that Okonkwo is respected because of the fear he instilled into his family. He does not show love to any of the characters and he hated his father and does not want to fail in life as he thinks his father had done. However, his father may have measured failure in a different way and may have been happy with what he had in his life. He may not have been as materialistic, but wealth is not always a measure of achievement, just because Okonkwo has a lot of money and property it has not made him happy. ?? ?? ?? ?? Miles Beardsley ...read more.

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