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What skills does Odysseus possess which enable him to survive the adventures he has in Books 9 and 10?

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What skills does Odysseus possess which enable him to survive the adventures he has in Books 9 and 10? In Books 9 and 10 Odysseus shows a variety of skills and weaknesses which both help and hinder him on his adventures. He manages to get himself out of many different situations where he encounters different types of challenges. At the beginning of Book 9 Odysseus and his men came to Ismarus, the land of the Cicones. They sacked the city and pillaged it. Odysseus wanted to leave as soon as possible which shows he is quite keen to get home and doesn't want to stay at the city for too long in case they get into trouble. But Odysseus's men refuse, which shows a weakness in Odysseus's leadership, while Odysseus and his men 'kept on drinking and butchering sheep and shambling crooked-horned cattle by the shore', which shows some of Odysseus's greed, the remaining Cicones went to get allies. ...read more.


Odysseus showed that he was loyal to his men by not leaving them behind, he also showed that he would do whatever it takes to succeed. 'I had to use force to bring them back to the hollow ships, and they wept on the way, but once on board I tied them up and dragged them under the benches'. Odysseus showed optimism when he first came to the land of the Cyclopes, he led his men into the cave on the Cyclopes island expecting the inhabitant to show hospitality 'I wished to see the owner of the cave and had hopes of some friendly gifts from my host'. He also showed he was a god fearing man by following the rules of hospitality 'I filled a big goatskin with this wine and took some food in a bad with me'. ...read more.


When Odysseus came across Aeaea he was cautious again by sending a few of his men to explore the island. He then showed bravery by going to Circe's house to get his men back 'Very well, Eurylochus, stay where you are, and eat and drink by the black ship's hull. But I shall go. I have absolutely no choice". ' this shows he takes responsibility for his men and wants to save them even if it risks his own life which means he is quite a good leader even if he is quite rash. All in all I think that Odysseus has many good skills which help him survive, he is sometimes quick tempered and makes stupid decisions. I think that Odysseus is very clever and resourceful in most situations with a few exceptions where he does the wrong thing, but the skills Odysseus has outweigh his weaknesses ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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