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While researching and reading "The Odyssey" I have taken note of the many codes and customs that the Achaeans had to abide by in Homeric Society. As I have studied "The Odyssey" and read it thoroughly

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The Board of Archaeology 123 Heritage Rd Ancient Ville To the Board of Archaeology, I, famous archaeologist Jessica Sinclair, had been exploring beautiful Greece and its wonderful ancient ruins, when I discovered the first four chapters of what seems an ancient text while I was digging and searching for ancient Greek cutlery. This book is amazing, although I have only read the first four chapters, and it has given me an insight to what ancient Greek life was like in Ithaca at the time of 1100- 1000 B.C. The title of my amazing discovery is called "The Odyssey" by an Ancient Greek civilian, Homer, and I have found an immediate link to this society he wrote about, and to the many Trojan Wars that were occurring in around this particular time in history. This text is about a great warrior, Odysseus, who was the kind King of Ithaca at the time and had been fighting in the Trojan War. He left in safety, his caring wife Penelope and his young son, Telemachus, in his kingdom of Ithaca, Greece. Almost twenty years later, the book begins its story and is of the struggles Penelope and Telemachus uncover, because Odysseus is still not home form war, presumed dead. While researching and reading "The Odyssey" I have taken note of the many codes and customs that the Achaeans had to abide by in Homeric Society. ...read more.


The ancient Greek civilisation worshipped these Gods and Goddesses by making offerings to them frequently. Throughout the first four books, there were a number of times where sacrifices were made to the Gods. In Book 3, Telemachus and Mentor visit the Wise Nestor in which he is first seen sacrificing "nine jet black bulls" to the God Poseidon, Lord of the Earthquake. The Gods could interact freely with the Achaeans and the Gods could choose whether to show themselves, disguise themselves or watch from above, A good moral citizen of Ancient Greek society, would give respect to all their Gods, even though many mortals believe that the Gods control their every move. Included in their religion, is their concept of righteous marriage, which is portrayed through Penelope, Odysseus' wife and Telemachus' mother. Telemachus' father, Odysseus, has gone to fight in the Trojan War but he has been away for almost 20 years, when most of his comrades have made their way back to Greece. Penelope and Telemachus, at home back in Ithaca, came to the conclusion that Odysseus was dead therefore many suitors came to Penelope's home asking for her hand in marriage. Suitors were obviously common in that society, but Penelope and Odysseus' love was strong and Penelope delayed her second marriage for a long time. This shows that Penelope is extremely faithful to her husband who is in fact, not dead at all but trapped on the Nymph Calypso's island. ...read more.


He then conducted her to a beautiful carved chair, over which he spread a linen cloth, and seated her there with a stool for her feet.' ("The Odyssey" pg. 7) The value of a great gift was a definite sealed friendship, as it shows that they are worthy enough to receive such a gift therefore worthy enough to become friends. This was a good way of forming an alliance with other powerful leaders, so when the gift bearer was in need of help, the receiver of the gift will remember the excellent token and offer his help. This custom is a common public demonstration of the true value of a friendship between two people in ancient Greece. In conclusion, I have discovered many different codes and customs that the Achaeans had to abide by in ancient Greek society in 1100- 1000 B.C. Many of these codes and customs were not laws that had to be strictly followed, but parts of everyday life that helped people and helped people to make friends. The people of ancient Greece have a diverse polytheistic religion, which is the basis for most of their codes and customs, especially hospitality and the important roles that it plays in the life of every Achaean. I hope that you have found my recent discoveries interesting, and that it gives you an insight on what ancient Greek life was like. Yours Sincerely, Jessica Sinclair ...read more.

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