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Why is Antigone not called Creon?

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NAQUIB RUPAWALLA Myth & Meaning CLA-111-004 ANTIGONE By reading Sophocles', Antigone, one may think that the name of the play should be Creon instead; this is because the tragedies he goes through in the play, in my view is much greater than nay of the other characters. It is hence clear that he is a tragic character, but not the only tragic character in the play. In my view, Antigone is not only battling against Creon, but she is also clashing against patriarchy, the power of the state, and the rules of the society, all in good virtue. ...read more.


The Chorus reminds the reader that Antigone is a threat to order and the law that protects the good of the people, because she is in opposition to "the throne of Justice". On the other hand there are different justices at work in the play: there is justice symbolized by Creon, which are man made laws, and there is justice symbolized by Antigone, which are laws of morals and the right thing to do. ...read more.


Even in death, Antigone is more heroic that Creon. Her death is seen as a martyr like experience. I my view Antigone saw her death coming from the moment she decided that she will try to bury her brother. Antigone is the character who amazed me with with her determination. She also shows stubbornness and pride but this is part of her merit. Both Antigone and Creon serve as tragic roles in the play, but Antigone's virtue and actions brought on by her conscience, lead her to serve as the heroine of the play. ------------------------- ...read more.

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