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A day in the life of Jonathan Beesley.

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A day in the life of Jonathan Beesley It's the winter term and it's another day at school. Severn thirty, and there's the recognizable sound of my room mate's alarm clock that vibrates against the desk before falling off the side. I roll out of bed like an elephant rolling into a mud bath. While dressing, my eyes become accustomed to the light. It's cold outside and the snow from last night has turned into a mushy paste. As I stroll down for breakfast at around eight o'clock, I smell a freshly cooked breakfast; after reading the sports section of The Times, I return to my room where I prepare the books for my first three lessons. On my way to morning lessons and I'm walking in the brown slush that covers the ground for miles around. ...read more.


At break I go back to the house for about ten minutes, during which time I prepare my books for the next two lessons and maybe play a game of pool before heading for the Grubber, which is the name for the school tuck shop; it sells all sorts of sweets and has an area with tables and chairs to eat your food and catch up on the latest gossip. I buy the usual; a pack of quavers and a pack of sours skittles; sometimes I will buy a bottle of Dr Pepper- 'After all what's the worst that can happen. Fourth and fifth lessons go quickly as my mind is on the topic of food, not that I look forward to the school food. The rice is either cooked in way to much water and it is soggy or it's not been cooked at all, the chips are always burnt and even though in the morning when I ask for my bacon crispy it is always under cooked. ...read more.


There are always chips, beans, hoops and normally burgers or soup or something of that kind. After tea we have till seven before prep starts to do what ever we want; however, at seven we must get ready for prep. Prep is when we do all our homework; it runs from seven o'clock to nine o'clock. I find it hard to work during prep as the boys in my dorm distracts me, by playing music or throwing paper balls across the room. After scrapping through prep I play on the playstation2 for a while. At ten o'clock the house bell goes, signalling that we must be getting ready for bedtime, allowing fifth teen minutes only to have a shower, brush your teeth, etc... As I wrap up in my blanket I think about what I have done that day. Jonathan M. T. Beesley GCSE English Coursework Personal writing (inform, explain, describe) Repton School February 2003 1 ...read more.

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