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acrylamide in crisps and chips

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Websites used:- * http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/2070068.stm * http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/1949413.stm * http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/acrydat2.html#table4 Chips and other staple food are under the spotlight International experts have called for urgent research to examine whether staple foods like bread, chips and crisps cause cancer. The scientists were speaking at the end of a three-day emergency summit organised by the United Nations and World Health Organisation to examine claims that some food items include cancer-causing substances. It followed a study in Sweden which found high quantities of acrylamide in a wide variety of food. That finding was backed up by similar research in the UK and Norway. Acrylamide is known to cause cancer in animals and there are concerns that it could have the same effect in humans. At the end of the summit, which was closed to the public and the media, the scientists said it was still too soon to draw firm conclusions on the issue or to make recommendations on eating habits. Further research The scientists called for an international network of laboratories to be set up to pool information from governments, regulatory authorities and industry on the possible risks. They also urged food manufacturers to carry out studies. Dieter Arnold, of the German Federal Institute for Health Protection of Consumers who chaired the meeting, said: "On the information we have at the moment, we cannot give consumers very specific advice such as to avoid eating chips of this or that brand." ...read more.


Experts at Cancer Research UK believe the study is highly significant. The charity's carcinogens expert Professor David Phillips said: "We know already that the 'Western diet' leads to a different spectrum of cancers from those that are common in other parts of the world. "It is likely that many aspects of our diet, rather than a single culprit, are responsible for this. "We do not know for sure what the impact on human health of these levels of acrylamide in food is, but because it is a known animal carcinogen it is advisable that its formation during food preparation or production be minimised." One crisp danger Cancer Research UK advises consumers to avoid a diet excessively high in fat and fried food. It suggests people eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid overcooked or burnt food. "For the food industry there is now a responsibility to monitor acrylamide formation in food products and to find ways of minimising its formation," said Professor Phillips. Margareta Tornqvist, an associate professor at Stockholm University's department of environmental chemistry said the consumption of a single potato crisp could take acrylamide intake up to the WHO maximum for drinking water. However, she said the product analysis, based on more than 100 random samples, was not extensive enough for the Administration to recommend the withdrawal of any products from the supermarket shelves. Stefan Eriksson, marketing manager for Burger King's subsidiary in Sweden, said: "We have received the information and we are evaluating what it will mean." ...read more.


101 73 Shredded wheat cereal 237 292 Sugar cookies 105 182 Sweet roll/Danish pastry ND 63 Tortilla, flour ND Fruits 103 Prune juice, bottled 326 Vegetables 299 Black olives 237 122 Green beans, canned ND 267 Okra, fresh/frozen, boiled ND 138 Potato chips 346 137 Potato, baked (w/ peel) 23 258 Potato, french-fried, fast-food 393 358 Sweet potatoes, canned 30 Mixtures (e.g., casseroles, sandwiches, soups, pizza) 360 Beef and vegetable stew, canned 22 269 Beef stroganoff w/ noodles, homemade ND 365 Burrito w/ beef, beans, and cheese, from Mexican carry-out 18 366 Chicken filet (broiled) sandwich on bun, fast-food ND 152 Chicken potpie, frozen, heated 44 145 Chili con carne w/ beans, canned 55 285 Clam chowder, New England, canned, cond, prepared w/ whole milk ND 278 Egg, cheese, and ham on English muffin, fast food ND 276 Fish sandwich on bun, fast-food ND 364 Fried rice, meatless, from Chinese carry-out ND 281 Pizza, cheese and pepperoni, regular crust, from pizza carry-out ND 283 Soup, bean w/ bacon/pork, canned, cond, prepared w/ water ND 155 Soup, chicken noodle, canned, cond, prepared w/ water ND 157 Soup, vegetable beef, canned, cond, prepared w/ water ND 142 Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, homemade ND 279 Taco/tostada w/ beef and cheese, from Mexican carry-out 27 272 Tuna noodle casserole, homemade ND Candy/Sweets/Sugar/Syrups 371 Candy bar, chocolate, nougat, and nuts 17 187 Candy bar, milk chocolate, plain 17 295 Syrup, chocolate 32 Beverages 305 Coffee, from ground ND 381 Decaffeinated coffee, from ground ND ...read more.

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