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Alternative evidence for features of the presentation

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Alternative evidence for features of the presentation (implementation) I opened my program - Microsoft powerpoint, as it is most suitable for a touch screen presentation. I thin opened a blank PowerPoint. First off all I made a selection on the design of the slide wanted. I did not choose any of the design instead I made my own design. This is because the slide design did not refer to my hand drawn design. This is when I had selected my background and I was applying it to all the slides. ...read more.


This also helped me tests my hyperlinks. To make the hyper To make the hyperlink I hade to right click and then click on hyperlink this will then, produce a popup. This menu will appear I then had to click on theicon. After this I also had to select which slide to click on. It will be the second slide as; this is where the content page is. For each of the contents titles had to make a link to go to a certain slide. This was don by the same method as shown above, but they had to be hyperlinked to different pages. ...read more.


I also had to make back arrows if people wanted to see the back pages. This had to be hyperlinked twice as the text was separated from the shape. I did try and group the pictures but it had no option to do so. I then selected the design for slide 7. I then added my graph. This was don by coping and pasting from excel. The graph was made in excel as PowerPoint was not suitable for it to be made with. I then had to add a video showing driving technique. I did this by going to insert>movies and sounds>movie from file.. And then I selected the movie to be put into the presentation. It was saved onto my C drive. Haroon Rahim - 1 - ...read more.

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