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An example of a sportsman diet.

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An example of a sportsman diet: Breakfast Energy (kcal) Protein (g) Fat (g) CHO (g) Muesli 385.2 13.0 7.6 66.2 Skimmed milk 86.7 8.5 0.3 12.5 Wholemeal toast 226.7 8.8 2.7 41.8 Low-fat spread 72.9 0 8.1 0 Honey 153.6 0.2 0 38.2 Fresh orange juice 53.2 0.6 0 12.7 Lunch Wholemeal Bread 226.7 8.8 2.7 41.8 Low fat spread 72.9 0 8.1 0 Lean ham 135.1 12.4 9.5 0 Tomato 3.6 0.2 0 0.7 Lettuce 1.2 0.1 0 0.2 Apple 73.6 0.5 0 17.9 Dinner Roast chicken 170.4 31.8 4.8 0 Jacket potato 267.6 5.2 5.2 50 Runner beans 14.8 1.4 0 2.3 Reasons why my diet differs from a professional footballer: There are many reasons why my diet is so different to that of a professional footballer the main has got to be that it's their profession and its not mine. ...read more.


I won't need quite as much protein as I'm not at a high risk of injury but I will still need a good balance for my hormones and enzymes. Fats are both as equally important in sportsman's diet and a normal diet this is because they make certain vitamins available for use in the body, they also cushion vital organs, they also make up part of all the body cells, and help to maintain body temperature. So overall fats are essential in everyone's diet weather or not they're a professional sportsman. A major difference between the two diets will be the water intake the sportsman will have to take in a lot more water then I would. This because they will be work at a high intensity and therefore will use up more liquids and will need to replace them again. ...read more.


My protein can stay the same at the moment, as I'm not a professional yet! Also I'm not likely to get injured at college so won't need to repair and rebuild. My carbohydrate level could increase I could replace the fattening things with them this will give me a lot more energy to go out and be active using up even more fat, also it will give me higher glucose levels in my brain and muscles which might help me at college. Also the alcohol intake will have to come down in order to stop utilizing my muscles and to improve my metabolism by keeping the liver healthy and at a steady rate. Also to stop the alcohol storing as large amounts of fat. There are a large amount of things I need to change in my diet and hopefully I can change these in order to become more healthy and active. ...read more.

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