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An introduction to fast food commodities.

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Jacob Steve Anthony ID# 00-01633-2 Sub: Marketing Faculty: Mr. Fazli Rabbi Tuesday, May 08, 2007 An introduction to fast food commodities Researching some fast food shops, the most favorable meals to people are mostly burgers, sandwiches, chicken broast and pizzas. Whereas in drinks they mostly prefer coke, sprite, coffee. Therefore, I can run a fast food shop of my own after getting information from these shops. There will definitely be some changes, like there will be a television and music system so that people will have their food together with entertainment. The main reason of developing this idea is the view of people's choice, likings, tastes and off course value/price people is willing or can afford to pay. In addition there will be a special menu which will be the most attractive and the main item of my food shop. It will be known as "The Delicious" which people won't find in any other food shop. There will be additional drinks like fruit juices and lassi. There will also be a packet lunch system in my shop, so that it attracts more customer and the speciality of this will be its different menus for different day. There will be no repetitions of a menu in a week, that is each menu will be offered once in a week so that people get different types of food rather than having the same food regularly. ...read more.


Juice s TK.25.00 (varies with types of fruit) Interior decoration of New Yorker Caf� Interior decoration does play an important role in the fast food shop. A shops image, reputation, sells & profits everything is very much dependent on the decoration of the shop. If the interior decoration cannot delight a customer there is a very less chance of keeping that customer for a very long time. This also includes the size of the space on which we are serving the customer. The size of the room has been justified in such a way so that at least as many as forty to fifty people can adjust themselves comfortably including all other things needed such as furniture & Fittings, reception, hand-wash place, common space etc. Therefore total space measurement estimated is a minimum of 600 square feet. It also includes the color of the walls, which will be lightly colored which will glow in the sparkling decorated light. This will make them feel relaxing so that they spend more time and consume more food which will increase the sale and incur more profit. There will be comfortable furniture's and fittings so that people can get relaxed. Moreover, there will be Television & music system throughout the whole shop to provide maximum entertainment to the customer so that they will come to the shop again & again. ...read more.


7. The caf� can introduce a jukebox, which can play music for the customer at the press of a button. 8. The caf� can incorporate new and much more favorable ice-cream and chocolate commodities for the young customers. 9. The Caf� can give free give items to all customers who come to the Caf� to increase the Caf�'s popularity. 10. Finally the Caf� can give cash discounts to students and other stable customers to boost customer confidence. APPENDIX QUESTIONIARE 1) Do you like going to the fast food shop? * Yes * No 2) Which fast food shop you prefer? ----------------------------------------. 3) How many times in a week you go there? * Once * 2 times * 3 times 4) Do you like spending time there? * Yes * No 5) What item you prefer most? -----------------------------------. 6) Is the price there satisfactory? * Yes * No 7) Do you think there should be more facilities and attractions in your fast food shop? * Yes * No 8) What new things you think to be added there? * TV * Music System * New sitting arrangements * Vast floor space * Well located * All of them 9) Does it have well-mannered employees? * Yes * No 10) Should they add new items? * Yes * No 11) Does it have any kind of discount or gifts? * Yes * No 12) What about their service? * Satisfactory * Dissatisfactory * Boring ...read more.

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