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Analysis Courseork

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Analysis Section "Bin IT" is a newly established company whose purpose is to specialise in educating its customers in the benefits of recycling. Kate Devon is the Chief administrator of the company and does all of the payroll calculations for the pay slips by hand and not only does it take her a long time to do but she often makes mistakes. She has asked me to help her and create a new system that will make the job easier and eliminate their existing problems. I interviewed Kate Devon, the chief administrator to find out about her job, the problems she's having and the user requirements needed. Amy Smith: What are the problems you, as the payslip writer face with the current system? Kate Devon: Well, to start off with it was an alright job to do, I used a calculator to do my calculations and got through the task quite quickly. But after a while I couldn't keep up and the task started to take longer and because I was restricted to time scales I would start to make mistakes. It was such a daunting task to do that I started getting tired throughout the day. Amy Smith: Would you say you would like a new system that is easier? ...read more.


* Ease of Use ( that will help make the system as easy as possible to use and therefore reduce the time taken to make calculations and make logos) I did some research on tax laws, income tax, national insurance and how payroll works. My findings are listed below. * Income Tax is the overall name for the percentage of money that is deducted from an employee's Gross Salary. The level of Income Tax varies according to the salary of the individual; in this case, I am going to use a flat rate of Income Tax, at 20%. The money that is left, after the Income Tax has been deducted from the Gross Salary, is what is known as Net Pay. This money is generally used to finance government expenditure, which covers many things, such as... * Education * Healthcare (The NHS) * Emergency Services * Public Services (Libraries, Museums, Parks) * National Insurance is a social insurance programme used in Great Britain that involves a person paying a certain amount of money to the authorities, which is then shared in the form of state benefits, with the government making payments to the unemployed, sick and retired. As with Income Tax, the National Insurance money is taken from an employee's Gross Salary, with the level of payment depending on an individual's monthly, or yearly, wage ...read more.


You could add a logo from clipart and change the layout of the payslip, but not as much as option number 2. Because spreadsheet software is also a computer based program then it can hold a lot of memory as well. It is very simple to use, and many already know how to use it. It also can be protected by a password and even backed-up on disks to ensure maximum security. Overall i have chosen option 3, a spreadsheet based software to work out the company's payroll and design payslips. It was quite similar to using a database software but in places such as calculations it was clear that a spreadsheet program would be clearly the way to go. That is why i have chosen this option to use to solve Kate's problem and create a better, simpler environment to work in. Having chosen my option of using a spreadsheet system, i must now think of what shall be inputted into the system, what shall be stored, and what shall be outputted. I have displayed my information below in a table. Input Stored Output Name Name Name Gross Pay Gross Pay Gross Pay Hours Worked Hours Worked Hours Worked N.I. Number N.I. Number N.I. Number Net Pay Net Pay Net Pay Tax Rate Tax Rate Tax Rate Name of Company Name of Company Name of Company ...read more.

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