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Analysis of research

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Analysis of research Questionnaire I carried out a questionnaire to see what dancers liked to eat and what they should eat in order to get enough energy etc to dance. I asked 20 people to get fair results. The 20 people I asked were mostly under 50 and did eat a balanced diet. I decided to use a broad range of dancers so I could see how dancing affected their diet. From my findings I can see that nearly all of the dancers ate healthily so my ready meal would have to be healthy to suit their needs. My questionnaire shows that just under half of the dancers ate ready meals so I'd have to make the packaging interesting and I'd have to make sure the content was suitable. ...read more.


I'd also have look at making sure there is a limited amount of salt in my product. The product would have to be healthy to suit most dancers needs and also about the average price for ready meals as people don't want to pay a high price just because their needs are different. The packaging would have to be eye catching and suitable for the product. Internet research I searched the internet to find out about dancers and their diet. The main things I found out were that; carbohydrates were a dancers main source of energy and they should be eating about 60% carbohydrates within their meals, that they needed to stay hydrated and that they should eat natural starches and sugars rather than refined ones. ...read more.


I also wanted to look at portion size. I found that most ready meals were individual servings so my product will be an individual serving as I think there is a wide market for this. My second piece of packaging was from a snack I thought might be suitable for a dancer. I used this piece of packaging to see what sort of designs they used and how to keep the product fresh. I also wanted to see what sort of things the packaging had to say such as company name, product name and nutritional information. I also found out that most ready meals were between �1.50-�3.00 so I'm aiming for my product to cost around about �2. ...read more.

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