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Appliqu and quilting.

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Techniques Appliqu� - this method of stitching proves to be an asset in many ways. It does not only securely attach the fabric down, but also looks extremely effective. Furthermore, it prevents the material from fraying at the edges - thus making a product look substandard. To vary the appearance, I could also adjust the length and width of the stitch. Appliqu� is how all the pieces on my playmat will be attached together, due to the aforementioned reasons. * The fabric is smoothed down and made flat. Quilting The process of quilting involves the sewing together of two fabrics, with a thick, soft material in between. Quilts are usually filled with polyester wadding, which is available in different weights. It is washable, lightweight, warm and easy to work with. ...read more.


Embroidery Embroidery has an 'up-market' image and is very attractive. On my product, it could be used for a number of things such as decorating the edge of my playmat, or even embroidering little animals on to the fabric. Embroidering machinery can embroider the most intricate designs and thus giving superb results! Embroidery is defined as work with needle and thread upon cloth. In industry today, a computer-controlled machine carries out the majority of embroidery. The method of stitching on most embroidery machines is a lockstitch, which is the type of stitch produced by most domestic sewing machines. The main difference is the addition of many more sewing needles (which can be changed automatically, usually to change colours), and the movement of the embroidery frame. ...read more.


Trapunto Trapunto is a method used to emphasise a certain feature by raising it from its underlying fabric. When carrying out trapunto, two fabrics have to be sewn onto each other. Subsequently a cut has to made in the bottom fabric - this will be where the 'stuffing' will be inserted from. The upper fabric will be the one that is stuffed. The upper fabric is usually a different colour to the one beneath it, however in my case (for the dog) the legs and the body will be 'spotty' yet the legs will be raised - thus emphasising them. Once the 'stuffing' has been inserted, the cut will be sewn up, using needle and thread. In my playmat, I will use trapunto for many things, such as the duck's beak alongside the winged part of it, the dog's legs, and the embroidered fish. I think it has an excellent effect, and the child will be extremely intrigued by it. ...read more.

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