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Arora - creative writing.

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Arora "You better be ready, for tomorrow night. You know that if anyone of us messes up, we'll be as good as dead." "D-d-dead" "Yes DEAD!" "I will be ready. Sir!" "Morning General could you knock next time." "Sorry Sir." "At ease! How may I help?" "Thank you sir. I just heard someone shouting I thought there was a problem" "No, no problem, you should know by now that we shout in the army. You may leave." "Thank you sir!" "Now Melvin nothing will happen, it will be ok. Don't worry." "Sorry sergeant I just get nervous. You know how it is" "How many times! Call me Tony." "Sorry." "You can go now, remember tell no-one." "Y-y-y-es s-sir." "For heavens sake stop shaking man!" Melvin goes home and gathers the things that he needs. Tony is talking to a good friend on the phone. "Hi Joe. I was thinking of installing some security round here. A few things have been going missing and I was wondering what kind of security they have over there because it looks like it's not very heavily guarded." ...read more.


It is impossible! Never say never. To dodge the battery sensor is easy, we will just use a candle. The CCTV is harder. Maybe Melvin will have a better idea. I'll call him tomorrow morning. Morning came. It was a beautiful day, scarred by the sound of half a dozen helicopters. The tall sergeant decided to dial fragile Melvin's phone number. " Oi Melv how are you? It's me Tony" "A-a-a-llright sarge." "Slept well?" "Not really." "Never mind. You set for tonight?" "Uh Yeah." " Got a torch?" "Of course sir!" "Scrap it" "Why Tony? I mean sarge?" "I give up. MY NAME IS TONY!" "S-s-s-o-o-o-r-r-r-y y-y-ou were s-s-aying." "Ever heard of a battery sensor. Well they've got it." "Oh my, so what we going to do?" "Use a candle." " Eerrm errm sir isn't that a fire hazard." "Don't worry about it." "What ever you say." "One problem, they have a motion sensor." "So?" "So, how are we going to get in?" "How high does the motion sensor, sense up to?" ...read more.


it doesn't matter. You hold the candle. We won't report each other if we get caught, right. If I get caught I won't say you were my partner." "Neither will I." Replied Melvin "Just checking" They got to the second room on the third floor. "This is where the diamond of Arora is." Said Tony, his eyes were lit as if he were a child looking at his presents on Christmas morning. The diamond was better than the Millennium diamond. It was flawless, unique and best of all it was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. "What a beauty!" Exclaimed Melvin. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH" "Shut up" whispered Tony. "What is the matter with you?" "Its the wax it scolded my finger." "Just stick it on the wall." Melvin did as he was told and pressed the wax with his thumb on to the wall. Then Tony did his trick with the chisel and got the diamond out of the glass case. He put the diamond in the bag and they rushed to the window. They jumped out and Tony glued the window back on. They crawled away. The police came round to the museum the next day and guess what they found.... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Systems and Control section.

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