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Because its Fat

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Because it's Fat You're only young once. By Helen Law 10M2 "I sat myself down onto the cafeteria chair, smiling at my friends. Suddenly, I caught a new face amongst the familiar faces that I eat lunch with everyday. She was bent over a plate of French fries and chicken, stuffing her face with it. Her plump figure reminded me of a pregnant woman I had seen on the street the other day. Her mouth opened every few seconds to let food in. Everyone on the table was gaping at her. Every once in a while she would look up at us and smile, with tomato sauce dripping from the corners of her mouth. She didn't seem to care that everyone was staring at her, she ignored the mean comments floating in from the nearby tables. I felt my smile slipping off my face, I couldn't see what was wrong with what she was doing. I couldn't understand why everyone was treating her that way. ...read more.


If only we could eat as much as we want and not get fat, if only all the excess fat would go away by itself. If only... Yes, there is a way where you can eat as much fatty foods as you want and not get fat. Carbohydrates. They are the hidden fat. Carbs are also a main source of energy but if that energy is not used, then those extra carbs are stored as fat. Many people think that eating 3 slices of bread is better than eating a slice of bread, but in reality, it actually isn't. You also need to make sure to exercise regularly to burn off the extra calories and to keep the organs healthy. There's another reason why we eat all these fatty junk foods is because they are also called 'comfort food', food that we eat when we need a little comfort. For example, when you came home really tired from school, you would not feel like eating a bowl of noodles, instead, you would snack on biscuits and chocolate. ...read more.


As we get older, the fat becomes harder to get rid of so we have to watch our diet. This is because the fat builds up over time and cannot be taken away as easily. You're only young once. WE'RE only young once, so make the most of it because if we don't eat what we want now, we might be able to when we get older. 'I took a deep breath and told my friends to stop staring. They swiveled their heads to look at me instead. I told them it wasn't wrong to eat what she was eating and that it was okay to eat fatty foods. They all looked at me as if I was crazy. I didn't care. I got up, came back with a plate of French fries and started chewing." Its fattening, it's oily, it makes you gain weight like crazy, it's comfort food, its just what you need. Who cares about those extra calories? Who cares about what other people think of you when you eat them? It's what you think about the food that matters, you're only young once, so eat like there's no tomorrow. ...read more.

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